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The Reproductive Health Group recognises that embarking on IVF or fertility treatment is a very important decision in the lives of our patients. Uncertainty about the ultimate cost of that treatment can cause concern and be responsible for further delays.

For that reason, we have decided to demonstrate our confidence in the quality of the care we offer at the Centre for Reproductive Health in Cheshire, through our unique approach to funding IVF treatment.

Reproductive Health Group is a leading, innovative, comprehensive health service for women and couples, committed to providing the highest quality care in gynaecology, fertility and IVF.

The group was formed by bringing together the private practices of two of the North West’s leading gynaecology and fertility experts, Luciano Nardo & James Armatage, offering a comprehensive range of treatments at clinics in Daresbury (Cheshire), Manchester, Nantwich, Preston and London.

The Reproductive Health Group will only recommend the best care pathway for you, once we have carried out all the appropriate investigations that could reveal the cause of the apparent infertility. That is why, unlike other IVF clinics, the Centre for Reproductive Health in Cheshire is equipped with the very latest equipment for IVF, gynaecology, fertility surgery and urology day case procedures.

Our patients are fully involved and included in the decision making process to ensure they feel confident, reassured and supported throughout their care.

Our focus is on achieving the highest standards of treatment and care, delivering consistently high levels of compassionate care and attention.

Through our ongoing research and training we aim to develop new and improved ways of meeting our patients' needs, striving to stretch ourselves to continually improve what we do and the approach we take.

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Reproductive Health Group provide wide ranging women’s healthcare services including gynaecology, fertility and IVF.

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The Centre for Reproductive Health is the North West’s most modern gynaecology and fertility clinic at Daresbury Park, Cheshire. We also have 8 other clinics across the UK.

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Reproductive Health Group host regular events geared towards patients, general practitioners, gynaecologists and nurses alike.

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Why are we different?

The Patient IVF Journey

The Centre for Reproductive Health

Free repeat IVF cycles
Free repeat IVF cycles

We demonstrate the confidence in the highest quality of fertility care delivered at the Centre for Reproductive Health by offering a unique approach to funding the IVF treatment.

Reproductive and fertility surgery
Reproductive and fertility surgery

We are equipped with the very latest equipment for reproductive & fertility surgery and in Mr Luciano Nardo, we have one of the few skilled surgeons able to perform every kind of tubal surgery.

Improve your IVF chances
Improve your IVF chances

There are many factors that contribute to a successful live birth, but identifying viable embryos in the first few days is one of the most critical. Introducing Eeva.