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Our affordable new fertility health check that can be undertaken as a one off, or more regularly if desired, is designed to provide reassurance, relief and confidence. Whether you are ready to start a family, or struggling to conceive our simple fertility check for individuals and couples can help you to understand your fertility health.

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Our new ‘Ask the Expert’ website feature provides the opportunity for some free advice from our expert team. Whether you have a query about a specific fertility treatment or investigation, or would like some helpful advice on nutrition, ask us now via our website. We will regularly post responses anonymously to the questions we receive.

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Personalised IVF Care Packages

Reproductive Health Group recognises that embarking on fertility treatment is a very important decision in the lives of our patients. Uncertainty about the ultimate cost of that treatment can cause concern and be responsible for further delays. For that reason, we have developed a unique approach to fertility care and the packages available.

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Female Fertility

Experiencing fertility issues can be a distressing and painful experience and it is something that millions of couples will experience. Female fertility issues can include blockage of the fallopian tubes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and lack of regular ovulation. What is crucial is getting prompt assessment, diagnosis and treatment.
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Male Fertility

With the significant rise in male fertility issues, it is essential that male fertility is assessed as early as possible during the investigation process. The sooner any issue is picked up the better, as it can mean earlier treatment. A key part of this process is the ability to access both fertility and urological experts. The integrated approach we take sets us apart in this area. Not only do we have a dedicated team of fertility experts, we also have a consultant urologist who specialises in male fertility issues as part of our team.
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Fertility Investigations

Fertility Investigations

We provide a full range of fertility investigations for both men and women and believe that every case is unique and that is why detailed assessments and investigations are required so a personalised care plan can be put together to fit your circumstances. All our treatment is consultant led and with no need for a GP referral and no waiting lists, you can arrange an appointment quickly.
Fertility Investigations

Fertility Treatments

At Reproductive Health Group we are proud to be able to offer the full range of assisted conception / fertility treatments. With our own embryology laboratory, and fully equipped operating facilities, all our patients can benefit from the fact that all treatment is offered under one roof at our dedicated state of the art fertility hospital in Daresbury, Cheshire.

Our team of experts, led by our highly experienced Consultants will support you throughout your fertility journey and are committed to offering you the very best, personalised clinical and compassionate care.
Fertility Treatments

Fertility Treatment
Fertility Cheshire

Additional Fertility Information

You can learn more about infertility treatment, funding, our success rates and alternative therapies using the links below.

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