Egg / Sperm Donation & Sharing

At Reproductive Health Group, we are committed to helping all patients, regardless of their circumstances. For some people this means, relying on donated gametes (sperm or eggs) to help them realise their dream of having a baby.

We have extensive experience of helping single women and same sex couples achieve their dream of having children.

We run active, comprehensive egg donation and egg sharing programmes.

All our egg donors and egg sharers undergo rigorous tests beforehand to ensure that they are not carriers of any transmittable infections or inherited conditions. Find out more about egg donation and egg sharing.

For those women who fulfil the necessary criteria and are willing to share their eggs, we can offer IVF cycles at reduced rates.

For those who require donor sperm, we have access to well-established, HFEA-registered sperm donor banks so that sperm can be accessed easily and quickly. All donor sperm are comprehensively screened for inherited diseases and transmittable infections so you can be assured of both safety and quality.

If a known sperm donor is to be used we can also provide advice on not only the clinical issues, but the important legal issues that need to be considered.

Find out more about sperm donation.

For all egg donation and donor sperm cases, there are psychological implications for those involved and we believe that counselling is absolutely essential. Find out more about counselling.

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Personalised IVF Care Packages

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