IVF Cost: Personalised & Private IVF Care Packages

This page introduces you to the IVF Cost and our personalised Private IVF Care Packages. Reproductive Health Group recognises that embarking on fertility treatment is a very important decision in the lives of our patients. Uncertainty about the ultimate IVF cost of that treatment can cause concern and be responsible for further delays. For that reason, we have developed a unique approach to fertility, private IVF & personalised packages.

We recognise that no two patients are the same, so you will all receive a personalised package of care. Our patients have a consultation with a fertility expert, who will ask you to undergo some diagnostic tests that will give them the information to decide on the best possible course of treatment for you. Depending on the outcome of these tests, a range of packages are available that are designed to give the best possible chance of achieving a clinical pregnancy, at the same time as controlling the cost.

Our IVF Treatment Packages

IVF Cost

Free Second Cycle

Who is this for?

If you are under 35, healthy, but cannot get pregnant, and this is the 1st time you are considering IVF, this is the right package for you.

Package Details

Pay for one cycle of IVF treatment, and if it does not result in a clinical pregnancy (viable pregnancy confirmed by scan at 7 weeks), you would be offered a second cycle free of charge.

How much does it cost?

Your maximum cost under this package for 2 cycles of IVF is £3,300 vs £7,000 at most of the other clinics.

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Private IVF

Repeated Discounted Cycles

Who is this for?

If you are under 39, and have experienced a failed cyle of IVF, this is the right package for you.

Package Details

A package of care that includes full payment for the first cycle of IVF. If the first cycle does not result in a clinical pregnancy (viable pregnancy confirmed by scan at 7 weeks), the cost of IVF treatment would be 75% for the second cycle, and 60% for the third, or any subsequent cycles.

How much does it cost?

Your maximum cost under this package for the 1st cycle of IVF is £3,300, for the 2nd cycle of IVF is £2,475 and for the 3rd cycle of IVF is £1,980 vs £3,250 for each cycle at most of the other clinics. This represents a cost reduction of £2,145.

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Smiling IVF baby

Multi Cycles

Who is this for?

Patients are eligible for the Multi Cycles package if they meet the criteria of ‘Suboptimal Fertility Prognosis’.

Patients who meet at least 2 of the following criteria:
Age: 39 years and above
AMH: < 6.8 pmol/L
AFC : < 6
Poor response: 4 or less oocytes collected after the last cycle of ovarian stimulation

Package Details

Our Multi Cycles package includes 3 cycles of controlled ovarian stimulation leading to one embryo transfer using IVF treatment. This package has been tailored to provide patients of lower prognosis, with lower cost IVF, for a better pregnancy outcome.

How much does it cost?

Your cost under this package is £7,275.

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The following are not included in any of the packages: Blood tests, diagnostic semen analysis, sperm DNA fragmentation, medications, ICSI, IMSI, freezing of supernumerary blastocysts, assisted hatching, freezing of sperm and / or eggs, surgical sperm retrieval, sedation for trans vaginal scan and for embryo transfer. The freezing and storage of the embryos at the pronuclei stage from the 3 cycles, up to 1 year, is £500.

Our guarantee

We are confident that our clinical services are exceptional and that the fees are very competitive. If you are offered the same course of treatment for a lower fee by another local* clinic, we would refund the difference.

* local is defined as being within 60 miles of Centre for Reproductive Health.

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Our personalised IVF care packages are truly inclusive – all patients will qualify for one of them depending on the outcome of our initial diagnostic tests. To organise an appointment and find out which package if best suited to you, please complete the form below, email us at info@reproductivehealthgroup.co.uk, or call us on 01925 202180.

Frequently Asked Questions

All patients seeking treatment for IVF, with or without ICSI or IMSI, at the Reproductive Health Group are entitled to be treated in this way.

Separate arrangements exist for patients that are are having treatment involving donor sperm or donor eggs.

You and your partner will be asked to undergo a package of diagnostic tests, which can be paid for as part of a package, or individually. The consultants would review the results of these tests, explain them to you and explain which of the two schemes we are offering you.
We would offer all patients two consultations, an ultrasound scan and some blood tests. We would expect a male partner to have a semen analysis and a sperm DNA fragmentation test.

These can be paid for as individual items, or as part of a package of care, costing £1,200*. Some patients may require a hysteroscopy to further investigate the uterine cavity (inside of the womb), which would cost £1,000.

* – Priced individually they would be £1,320, including a consultation, a follow up consultation, a scan, and AMH tests for women, and semen analysis and sperm DNA fragmentation tests for men. Some patients may require other specific tests, which would be charged separately.

Every patient is different, and all our courses of treatment are personalised so that we can be sure that it is exactly the right approach for you.

We frequently meet patients who have had IVF treatment at other clinics when a simple test would have made it clear that an underlying condition is preventing them becoming pregnant. An early diagnosis, followed by the appropriate treatment, protects our patients from wasted time, money and disappointment.

No; we would be happy to treat patients using our normal pay as you go fees, which are in our fee schedule on our website.

We are confident, however, that our offer is the simplest and lowest cost approach currently available in the UK.

There are no intermediaries – you are dealing directly with the Reproductive Health Group, and our team will deal with with any queries you may have.
Our approach is far more transparent, and better value, than some other packages that local clinics are offering. Whilst some emphasise the fact that refunds are available, they fail to make it equally clear that you are being asked to pay for 2 or 3 cycles of treatment up front. If you are successful on your first cycle, you will have paid double the normal rate. If you are unsuccessful after two cycles and get a refund, you will still have paid significantly more than you would have done under our scheme.

Clinics that offer schemes through intermediary organisations are surrendering part of the decision making process to that external body. We will not do that; we will take responsibility for explaining all the decisions we make about your care, and the fees that we ask you to pay.

No, the medications are not included in the fees that you pay, and they are not part of the free cycle. The medications will be ordered and purchased via an independent home pharmacy company. If you wish to arrange your own medications through another provider, our consultants will be happy to give you the prescription.

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