• 50% pregnancy rate for Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • Less than 5% failed fertilisation rate
  • Over 50% of patients have available embryos for freezing

The Reproductive Health Group are proud to be based at the UK’s first integrated fertility hospital, the Centre for Reproductive Health, Daresbury Park, Cheshire.

Our clinical practice reflects the growing body of evidence that frozen embryo transfers are generating excellent pregnancy rates. We have decided that we will freeze all the embryos for our patients, and will transfer frozen embryos in most cases. The first FET is included in the IVF fee if no fresh transfer took place. We are the first clinic in the North West to take this approach because our patients are experiencing success rates for freezing embryos of 58%, and pregnancy rates from the transfer of frozen embryos of 50%.

In addition to these very encouraging success rates, we are pleased to say that 92% of our patients rate their experience of being treated at our ground breaking clinic as Excellent, 99% Excellent or Good. 100% of patients are seen within 7 days.

(NB – HFEA guidelines stipulate that we can only publish live birth rate data after a year of data is available. We expect to be able to do this in early 2016)

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