Fertility Testimonial February 2017
Hi Mr Nardo.

I’m Henry and I wanted to thank you for helping to make my mummy and daddy the happiest and proudest people in the world!

Please say thank you to all of your team – you all do an amazing job.

I hope to meet you sometime soon when I’m a little bigger!



Fertility Testimonial January 2017
After pursuing adoption for several years as a single parent I saw an advert for a Reproductive Health Group Open Evening. So in October 2015 myself and my Mum attended the clinic at Daresbury where we found a fantastic friendly place. Mr Nardo and Bert spoke so enthusiastically. We booked an appointment that same evening.

After the initial consultation a week later, I signed up for IVF using a sperm donor. Mr Nardo and Miss Katakam guided me through the process and Caroline supported me in choosing the right donor for me. Throughout the process all the staff at Daresbury were friendly and supportive.

After a successful first cycle I fell pregnant and on 23rd November 2016 I was blessed with my little boy weighing a healthy 8lb 11oz. I have more embryos frozen and hope in the future to return to the clinic to have a sibling for Harry.

I cannot thank the team enough and would recommend the clinic to anyone wanting a family, whatever their circumstances.



Fertility Testimonial January 2017
Thank you to all at the Reproductive Health Group for the wonderful service and treatment received!

Both my husband and I were apprehensive and excited once we decided to start our journey for a family. We found everyone at the clinic in Daresbury welcoming and informative, ensuring we were clear on all our options, outlining treatment plans bespoke to us.

The treatment wasn’t without its challenges but the staff at the clinic were supportive and reassuring every step of the way.

Through close monitoring and care we were fortunate and lucky enough to fall pregnant on our first attempt! We now have a beautiful baby boy who has made our family complete!



Fertility Testimonial December 2016We found Dr Nardo online after seeing a number of reviews referencing his excellent expertise on tubal infertility. After being assessed by him, he advised that I should have a laparoscopy where he would perform a salpingectomy. This was a very hard decision however he reassured us of his expertise and the possibility of doing IVF treatment in order to have children. After the operation, he was able to show us what the operation entailed and was very detailed.
We liked his confidence and therefore decided to continue with our treatment under the Reproductive Health Group.

A few months later, we decided to pursue IVF under the RHG. They organised all the drugs for us seamlessly and even allowed us to have a number of our scans in London. Unfortunately this cycle resulted in a blighted ovum. A few months later we decided to have a frozen embryo transfer and put back two embryos. Thankfully these both implanted and in November 2016 were blessed with two baby boys.

We are so happy that we had our treatment under Dr Nardo and the RHG. The clinic is clean and modern, the staff are nice and friendly and Dr Nardo is very confident and capable. We would definitely recommend the RHG to anyone who would like a one stop shop for all their gynecological treatments as they provide a service from start to finish. We are so pleased to have had such a lovely experience! Thank you very much.



Fertility Testimonial November 2016Just wanted to let you know that our daughter arrived on the 1/12/16 by c section.

She is currently on the NICU but doing well!

Thank you for all your help.

A & G



After failing to conceive for 5 years, the only option for us was private IVF as we already have a child (conceived naturally).

We were given a choice of places we could choose but we knew once we’d visited Daresbury that that was the place we wanted to start our IVF journey.

From the start, the staff at Daresbury made us feel very welcome and made us feel relaxed at this very emotional and worrying time.

We first visited Daresbury and met Mr Nardo in May 2015, and what a lovely, friendly, welcoming professional man he is. After our first consultation, we felt positive and we were excited to start our journey.

Throughout my time at Daresbury I had many scans and appointments for different things but always left happy with the way I’d been treated. Many times I rang or emailed the nurses with queries or worries and they always put me at ease and talked me through things.

I was fortunate to fall pregnant on my second frozen embryo transfer in January 2016 and now have a perfect little princess who is thriving in every way.

I’ve now got the family I’ve always wanted and Daresbury has played a massive part in that and I can’t thank them enough. I’ve even visited with our little girl since and was made just as welcome as always.
Thank you for helping me make our dream come true Daresbury. SW & MW



From start to finish we felt totally reassured by our experience at RHG. From Luciano’s straight talking advice and amazing skill as a clinician and surgeon, to Narmada’s warm approach and clear advice, through to Bert and the embryology team’s friendliness and communicative approach. It was all a breath of fresh air, very much first class treatment! We felt it was very much a personalised approach and that people remembered us and where we were up too in the process, which all added to that feeling of reassurance at a time when it is much needed. I actually enjoyed attending appointments! The fact that I could be seen so flexibly around work commitments was also a massive bonus. The clinic was a drive from our home but was well worth the trip. Once again a big thanks to all involved. See you again for the next one!

Mike and Becky



As a same sex couple, conceiving wasn’t going to be straight forward. We started our journey back in October 2014 when I sought advice from a friend who had conceived in Copenhagen. I had my blood tests completed at the doctors and then contacted the clinic in Copenhagen to start the process. Unfortunately after 3 attempts of IUI (intrauterine insemination) I still wasn’t pregnant and was advised to check everything was ok before carrying on. After speaking to the NHS about my fertility chances it was suggested that I may not conceive easily due to my low levels of AMH. We visited an IVF clinic local to us who weren’t very helpful and we felt they only wanted to help us if I could share my eggs with their clients, but with my low AMH I was unable to do so. They failed to follow up my email asking about the IVF process using just myself and my wife, and we became very disheartened with the whole situation.

In the summer of 2015, I saw an advert for Reproductive Health Group advertising their Open Evening and we decided to book a place, how thankful we were as the team were amazing from that first night. At the open evening I was able to have a lengthy chat with Miss Katakam who looked at all my test results and reassured me that there was no reason why I couldn’t have a baby. We booked an appointment that evening with Mr Nardo. It already felt so different from the last clinic, we felt valued and that they really cared about us. I’ve always been the one in our relationship that wanted to be pregnant and carry our first child and after a couple of consultations we decided that our best chance of conceiving would be for my wife to have her eggs harvested and transferred into me.

From then on Mr Nardo, Miss Katakam, the nursing team, the embryologists and all the girls on reception were so helpful, approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. No question was too big and at any point if we had any worries they were available to put our minds at ease, from deciding on the donor sperm to understanding how to administer the fertility drugs correctly. We had 5 eggs removed, 4 of them fertilised and 3 survived to day 5 blastocyst. In February 2016 just over a year after starting the whole process in Copenhagen on our 2nd egg transfer, we took the pregnancy test and it was positive – we were finally pregnant.

We can’t thank Mr Nardo and his team enough for everything they have done for us. On the 8th Oct 2016 at 10.51am I gave birth to our little miracle Cora, weighing a healthy 8lbs 12oz which has made our family complete.

Jennie and Karen



Fertility Testimonial November 2016We were in the process of going through fertility tests on the NHS and we were not having a good experience. I was waiting for months for appointments then hours when I got to the hospital. In September 2015 I met the NHS consultant to discuss our results and they said we would need IVF but I needed a further ultrasound which would be in February 2016 before they would even discuss our options. As I was going to be 36 by then I was concerned at how long it was taking. I talked to a friend who had successfully used the Reproductive Health Group and decided to give them a call. I had my first appointment within a week and our baby girl Darcie was born within a year on 1st September 2016, 14 days late.

All of the team involved were amazing from start to finish. They explained everything in detail and were easily contactable when we had any questions or concerns. We would have been eligible for IVF on the NHS but think the benefits which came with going to the Reproductive Health Group far out way the cost. I would certainly recommend to others and will be using again if we decide to try for a brother or sister.

Many many thanks

Helen and Oliver



Dear Mr Nardo and your fantastic team of nurses, embryologists and everyone working at the Centre for Reproductive Health

We cannot thank you enough for the expertise, support and care that we received from you all resulting in the birth of our beautiful daughter.

She is a little miracle who would not be here without your help. She has changed our lives in the most amazing way, we wake up every morning and just can’t believe she’s ours.

It goes without saying that we will never forget how much you made our little miracle possible and we wish you much success for the future because you really are changing lives.



Fertility Testimonial June 2016I am pleased to let you know that our beautiful baby girl, conceived thanks to your wonderful clinic, was born last night safe and well.

We are absolutely overjoyed. We would very much like to express our gratitude to yourself and all of your staff at Reproductive Health Group who have helped to make this dream come true for us. The professionalism and empathy shown by each and everyone of you was second to none.

We look forward to introducing you to her at your reunion in June.



Michelle and AndrewJust to let you know that our precious daughter came into the world on Tuesday 1st March at 19:35 weighing a healthy 7lb 10oz. She is perfect and again we cannot thank you all enough.

Michelle and Andrew



Kelly and NeilWe started our IVF journey with Reproductive Health Group in February 2015, after spending a lot of time researching clinics in the North West area. We were keen to choose a clinic with the most up to date technology and experienced consultants and team. Reproductive Health Group fitted the bill perfectly, and we were keen to have Luciano Nardo as our consultant.

We weren’t disappointed when we attended our first consultation and knew instantly that this was the right clinic for us. You didn’t get the feeling you were just ‘another patient’ embarking on IVF treatment, you felt like this journey was as important to Luciano as it was to us. It just felt right from the instant we walked into Reception and were greeted by Emma, to the moment we left.

What we really liked about Reproductive Health Group is we got to see the same consultant all the way through our journey, meaning you really do get one to one individual care, tailored to your needs. You’re not moved around from pillar to post with different consultants. We felt this was really important to ensure continuity of care, and its great that Reproductive Health Group share that ethos.

Being quite a nervous patient, I always felt like this was accommodated for. The staff were there to put my mind at ease all the way through treatment. On the day of egg collection I walked into theatre crying and Luciano stopped me and held my hand and said everything was going to be OK. The nurses and theatre team were just the same, holding my hand, wiping my tears and giving me all the reassurance I needed. It’s the little things like this that made all the difference. You don’t feel like a patient at Reproductive Health Group, you feel like a part of the family.

In June 2015, we found out we were pregnant. One of the nurses called me to tell me my blood result. I could tell in her voice that it meant just as much to the team as it did to us. We were overwhelmed, it had worked!  We couldn’t believe our luck.

On Tuesday 1st March 2016, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, weighing 8Ib 12oz. It was the best day of our lives. Our little miracle baby was finally here………………..and all due to Reproductive Health Group!!!

We couldn’t have done it without the expertise and skills of the team and cannot thank you all enough. It was quite some journey and one which was made much easier by the help and support of everyone at Reproductive Health Group. We personally want to thank Bert (embryologist) and his team, Paula and Louise (nurses), Emma and Hannah (admin team), all theatre staff (especially Catherine) and of course Luciano and Harriet. Thank you so much for everything you did for us. You’ve made our dreams come true!!! We can’t wait to come in and introduce you all to our daughter.

Thank you

Kelly and Neil



Around 18 months after the birth of our first child, an amazing little boy, we decided to try for a second child. I had a difficult labour with my first pregnancy resulting in an emergency caesarean during which they discovered I had ovarian cysts – one dermoid and one haemorrhagic. These were operated on five months after his birth. After failing to become pregnant for a second time we referred to our local hospital for further investigations.  I had a lap and dye which showed no blockages and my husband’s tests showed no issues. I was prescribed clomid but during a routine monitoring scan it was identified that I had an endometrioma.  This was removed along with some endometriosis that had caused my ovary to become stuck. After continuing on clomid and trying a range of alternative therapies we looked to assisted conception.  I had a low AMH level and it was agreed that IVF would be the best option for us.

We first met Mr Nardo and his team after our first egg collection and frozen embryo transfer. We still had some fertilised oocytes frozen and were looking to have a further FET.  We were incredibly impressed by Mr Nardo’s professional attitude and knowledge.  He recommended having a scan to ensure that there were no issues with my uterus before we undertook the transfer.  We were put at ease from the very beginning and he arranged for us to meet with Bert the embryologist who was amazing.  He gave us so much information about his background and various techniques and we were reassured that our embryos were in the safest hands with him and his team.

Due to my history Mr Nardo recommended a much lower dose of medication and a long protocol given my endometriosis.  They did a lot of testing in advance and a lot of research and it was decided that ICSI was the best option this time round.  During this whole process we were kept very informed.  Whilst the embryos were being cultured Bert and Ruth kept in regular contact to update us on their progress.
Our treatment itself felt very easing going and relaxed.  Mr Nardo had discussed acupuncture with us prior to the collection and the clinic arranged for an acupuncturist to come in before and after my transfer to administer acupuncture.

We cannot speak highly enough of Mr Nardo and all those at Reproductive Health Group.  They offer such a personal service you truly feel like you are their only patient.  The whole team are so readily available, empathetic and compassionate and they keep you so well informed of everything that is going on.
Whilst our IVF treatment was not successful the analysis undertaken by Mr Nardo, Bert and the team revealed that my egg quality was so low it was unlikely that assisted conception would be any more successful than a natural conception.  The team were very honest about this and we valued that.  Mr Nardo also took the time to talk to me about my endometriosis and treatment options available.

Despite the fact that our IVF treatment did not result in a pregnancy we do not feel that it was unsuccessful.  The team gave us a real understanding of my condition and the impact this has had on my fertility.  They’ve managed our expectations around this in a way that no one else ever has.

Following our IVF treatment I was referred to Mr Nardo to operate on my endometriosis. He removed this and a further endometrioma. Following the operation Mr Nardo talked to us about our fertility and suggested that we may want to try to conceive naturally for a few months before I began to take medication to control my endometriosis.

After 6 months we received the very happy news that we were expecting a baby and our little girl is due in July.

We would not hesitate to recommend Mr Nardo and Reproductive Health Group to anyone.



Absolutely over the moon. Thanks to you all for everything. It’s been a journey and you’ve all been incredibly supportive to us both.You don’t feel like a patient at RHG, you’re made to feel like a friend to all of you. You have an incredible team which makes the journey much easier. We will always be eternally grateful for your expertise and helping us to achieve our dream.



To Mr Nardo and staff

We would like to thank you all for the help and support we received from your clinic to achieve our goal of becoming parents. Even though we conceived naturally we are indebted to you as we feel that the treatment received led to a successful pregnancy resulting in a beautiful baby daughter for us.



Rob & Tracey's storyHi Luciano,

I hope you are well.

Just wanted to drop you an email to to say a big THANKS to you and your team for all your work in helping myself and Tracy to have a baby this year.

Our daughter was born on 28th August and is a healthy, happy, perfect little girl! We couldn’t have asked for more!

After 6 years of trying to conceive and a couple of failed NHS cycles, we were starting to lose hope. However, coming to your clinic really filled us with confidence. The professionalism and care provided by you and your team really helped us stay positive throughout the treatment.

Thanks again for everything and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year to hopefully get our daughter a little brother or sister with our frozen embryo.


Rob & Tracy



Thank you all so much for the help, guidance and support you gave us whilst trying to conceive. We are so very, very grateful for all that you did to bring us our precious daughter and sister.



Hannah & Gregor's StoryDear Mr Nardo

Just a quick note to let you know that our son entered the world fairly dramatically by emergency c-section on 24 October weighing in at 6lbs 12 and with a full head of his Dad’s black hair!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help, empathy and compassion throughout, we will never forget it. The treatment we received was amazing and the result 9 months later is the best thing we could ever have imagined. You really have made our dreams come true in the shape of this little man!

Thanks again and all the best.

Hannah and Gregor



Just a quick note to say thank you to each and every one of you. Without you our precious little miracle would not have been possible. You’ve touched our lives in a huge way and we cannot thank you enough.



testimonial-scanMyself and my partner came to see you this year back in June, and I am very pleased to say I am now four months pregnant with twins!! Words cannot describe how happy this has made us both.

We were extremely impressed by the efficiency of your clinic as well as the care and excellent service I received from you and all your staff.

I will be recommending your clinic to anybody I hear needs a little help.

Thank you all so so much for your help. You have made us a very happy couple.

Angela & John



We have been delighted with the treatment that we have received from RGH. Mr Nardo and his team provided a truly outstanding service, the level of honesty and support we have received was very reassuring during the entire process and something that we value significantly.

We were never rushed or felt part of a standard process, the treatment has been totally personalised and it has been great to be able to see the same people at each appointment, knowing there is never anything that is too much trouble.

RGH is head and shoulders above any of the other fertility clinics we have attended, and we would have no reservations about recommending to anyone, we just wish that we had come here first.

Shelley & Richard



baby-oscarOur 3 year journey hasn’t been easy, after a miscarriage in 2012 and a failed IVF cycle in 2013, but with the help of RHG, the missing piece of our jigsaw finally arrived in 2015 in shape of baby Oscar.

Without the help, support and expertise of the team at RHG, particularly in the early stages of our pregnancy, we wonder whether we’d have Oscar with us today. We particularly appreciated the short notice appointments and the fact that when we had a concern we were invited in for a scan the same day to put our minds at ease.

The expert knowledge of the team coupled with the facilities, which have to be seen to be believed, were very reassuring throughout what is a typically stressful period.

We can’t thank Luciano and the team at RHG enough, we will be eternally grateful.

Katie & Chris.



baby-noahWe feel incredibly lucky to have Noah in our lives. After a difficult journey of miscarriages and unsuccessful IVF treatment, Noah was conceived through egg donation. The most amazing gift of hope and life from a lovely donor.

Mr Nardo’s thorough personal investigations identified an issue that other clinics had overlooked. And the care of the RHG team for both us and the lovely lady donating made our treatment feel special giving us the best possible chance and a beautiful baby boy.

A huge thank you!



Hi I’m Jess, and I’m 40. I got sterilised in 1998 following the birth of my fourth child. Following relationship breakdown with my children’s’ father and to cut a long story short, I later met Stuart who became my husband. He didn’t have any children of his own and he helped raise mine; he was a fabulous step dad.

We had been together for 11 years and I had always longed to give him a child of his own. Conscious of my advancing age I started to look into the possibility of fertility treatments and reversal of sterilisation. Following various disappointing consultations with surgeons who could not meet my needs, I came across Mr Nardo who was one of very few laparoscopic surgeons in the UK that specialised in fertility and microsurgical tubal work.

At the consultation Mr Nardo took an in depth obstetric history and blood tests, and advised me of my options. I had a low ovarian reserve of 2.7; this put me in the very low fertility bracket. I was devastated after receiving these results as I felt my fertility was coming to an end. However Mr Nardo reassured me that it only took one egg to conceive. He described my egg reserve as a jar of beans and told me that when I was in my 20’s this jar would have been full, and now it was a quarter full but not empty. Mr Nardo advised me that reversal of sterilisation was my best chance of conceiving as I could try every month. He performed my reversal of sterilisation in October 2011, the procedure was done laprascopically and following it, he gave me immediate feedback of my chances of conceiving. He also advised me of lifestyle issues I needed to address that would help improve my fertility and he referred me to Celia his nutritionist. After 13 months of trying to conceive and after losing 2 stone in weight by following Celia’s nutrition plan I fell pregnant. I had my beautiful baby girl on July 4th 2013. She was delivered by caesarean section and she weighed 6lb 12 oz. Stuart and I are so grateful to Mr Nardo as without him and his expertise we wouldn’t have our baby girl. Mr Nardo and his team were always very attentive and friendly and honest. I am extremely happy with the service they provided me.

We first contacted Mr Nardo following our second miscarriage in April 2012. He had been highly recommended by a family member. I sent him an email detailing all of my history to which he came back to me within a couple of hours and reassured me that he could help. From the very first visit in May 2012 we knew we were in good hands, not only from his expertise but his kind and compassionate manner and positive attitude. Following his investigations I went on to have two operations to correct uterine abnormalities. Throughout these procedures he explained everything in detail and ensured that I understood what was happening and felt reassured at all times. Even though he must be extremely busy he always made us feel like we were his only patients and is always there on the end of the phone or email. I must also mention the staff at the Alexandra Hospital and the office staff within Reproductive Health Group in Manchester. Everybody was very understanding and helpful at all times. We are now a lot closer to achieving our goal of having a family and I truly believe that this is down to Mr Nardo.

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