How we adhere to IVF ethical and moral guidelines

When it comes to the services we provide, we go the distance to ensure your health and safety.

All of our fertility treatments, consultations and testing are performed according to our code of ethics, which guarantees that all of our professionals carry out procedures in the correct fashion.

The medical code of ethics exemplifies the four main principles existing in modern science to ensure that the very best standards are met across all RHG practises.

These are equal treatment, safe treatment, health consent and acting in your best interest. Read on to find out more about how we adhere to IVF ethical and moral issues.

Equal Treatment

It goes without saying that everyone is entitled to the same level of treatment, regardless of whether they’re undergoing fertility procedures or advisory services.

We endeavour to look out for our patients’ best interests and refuse to offer preferential treatment when it comes to our procedures, advice or diagnosis.

Safe Treatment

When in our care, undergoing the treatments we provide, we guarantee your safety in everything you experience.

Our qualified staff follow all the proper health and safety protocol to ensure that when you undergo IVF treatment with us, there are no negative or long-standing health effects.

Health Consent

From the word go, we put your health first.

We understand that you will have many questions and even some concerns about any fertility treatment.

Before you undergo any procedure with us, we’ll provide you with all the required information and advisory services to give you a full understanding of whether the treatment is right for you.

We never withhold information that would play a huge role in your decision making.

Act in your Best Interests

Act in your Best Interests

If a new patient comes to us with the hope of undergoing IVF treatment, we will check that your current condition and medical history make you suitable for it.

We never put our patients forward for a procedure if they do not meet our stringent criteria.

Sometimes age, along with health conditions, can influence the chance of success with IVF but we will act in your best interests and discover which fertility treatments are most fitting in your current situation.

We are regulated by the HFEA, which provides impartial information to anybody affected by fertility treatments.

Our Principles

IVF ethical issues

In accordance with our code of ethics, and to ensure that we’re providing the best possible standards, there are a number of core principles that we abide by.

Never discriminating against a patient, maintaining doctor patient confidentiality and guaranteeing patient comfort are just some of our guarantees. Others include keeping a record of reactions during treatments and making sure that all equipment we use during procedures are safe for patients.

To ensure that we adhere to all IVF ethical and moral issues, we continue to use these principles as a basis for when we’re treating patients, new and old.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the fertility and assisted conception treatments we provide and whether they’re the right options for you and your family.