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RHG team up with Greater Lancashire Hospital

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with renowned private healthcare providers Greater Lancashire Hospital to launch a new, exciting IVF service locally. This new collaboration is now at the forefront of women’s health, IVF and fertility care in the North West. Here at RHG we are known for our highest standards […]

Embryo implantation failure tests

Embryo implantation failure is part of what we called the dreaded diagnosis of unexplained infertility where people are putting out so much time, effort, money, emotion and yet it keeps repeating with each IVF cycles. For unexplained failure of implantation we would say that it is usually two cycles of really good embryos that are […]

Putting Male Health First

When a couple fails to conceive, males are found to be solely responsible in 20-30% of cases and contribute to almost 50% of cases overall. Professor Luciano Nardo, founder and medical director of Reproductive Health Group (RHG) in Daresbury, has dedicated his entire career to helping couples who are seeking to conceive a child and […]

Egg Freezing for Fertility preservation

With the introduction of new rapid cryopreservation technique, egg freezing is seen as an option to potentially preserve a woman’s long term fertility. As women age, their number of eggs decreases and there is a decline in the quality of those eggs. One of the advantage of freezing eggs is that it secures the quality […]

IVF and PGT-A (pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy)

The selection of embryos with higher implantation potential remains at the centre of ongoing research in the field of reproductive medicine and assisted conception. Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies (PGT-A) aims to deselect embryos with the wrong chromosomal complement and improve live birth rates. A recent publication by Somigliana et al. in the June 2019 […]

Fertility Options for Solo Mums – Webinar

If you missed our live webinar for solo mums, catch up on it here to listen to RHG’s Professor Nardo and fertility coach Mel Johnson who has been through this journey herself chat about fertility options for anyone considering solo motherhood, answering questions on both the medical and the practical and emotional aspects. You can […]

Explaining Unexplained Infertility – Podcast

What does a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’ really mean? Does more advanced testing available now mean that a cause can be found for subfertility that would have been labelled ‘unexplained’ in the past? What part do emotional factors play in subfertility? RHG’s Clinical Director Professor Nardo was recently invited to talk about these issues with […]

How to plan your egg donation cycle – Webinar

Are you considering an IVF cycle with egg donation but have some questions you would like answering? Our webinar on ‘How to plan your egg donation cycle’ recorded in conjunction with Dr Maria Arque of Fertty International and fertility coaches Andreia Trigo and Mel Johnson, who are both part of our Patient Support Partners programme, […]

Fertility counselling for same sex couples

Considering fertility treatment can be difficult for any family, but the road can be even tougher for LGBTQ families. The good news is, that now, more than ever before, there are more options available for these couples who are ready to grow their families.  Seeking fertility treatment in private clinics is becoming increasingly common for […]

Fertility counselling for single parents

Today, more than ever, it seems like our priorities are shifting and as we find our new individual autonomy in this modern world, many people are making the choice to delay parenthood. We are travelling more, building careers, and really engaging the right to wait to have children until the time is right for each […]