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Our patients are unique, and so is the care that we offer them…

To coincide with National Fertility Awareness Week, we are excited to announce a truly innovative approach to IVF & fertility treatment. Reproductive Health Group recognises that embarking on fertility treatment is a very important decision in the lives of our patients. Uncertainty about the ultimate cost of that treatment can cause concern and be responsible […]

Is it possible to preserve your fertility in the 21st Century?

Ovarian function is not forever. Fertility naturally decreases with chronological age and it cannot be restored after the menopause and after some types of cancer treatment. Research shows that the 21st century is a time of significant population ageing and that women leave it too late before they decide to start a family. Both fertility […]

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle

The technique of freezing embryos for storage is called cryopreservation and the first birth after freezing was recorded in the 1980s. Its contribution to IVF treatments has been increasing ever since. Traditionally, in the practice of IVF, a handful of embryos are formed and the best is freshly replaced into the womb and the rest […]

It is NOT good to delay having a baby

Following the recent conflicting publications on the Mail Online website regarding the best time to have a baby, RHG clinical director & UK IVF expert Luciano Nardo has voiced his opinion on the subject. “Women that leave until their late 30s to start trying to conceive can be a real risk to themselves and to […]

RHG Sperm and Egg Donation Programmes – your partner for success

Reproductive Health Group, based at UK most comprehensive independent fertility hospital the Centre for Reproductive Health, are leaders in the provision of fertility and gamete donation treatments for singles and couples. Our established and successful donation programme runs in the UK and overseas, and is carefully coordinated by a team of experienced clinicians, embryologists and […]