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Meet our team – Care Coordinator & Acupuncturist Mandy Laing

In the latest of our series of ‘Meet the team’ blogs, we introduce Mandy Laing, who is a care coordinator and acupuncturist at Reproductive Health Group. How did you begin your career in IVF? I am relatively new to the world of IVF and the whole process fascinates me! I came to it after I qualified […]

The World’s leading fertility experts descend on our Cheshire clinic

Earlier this month we welcomed some of the leading experts in the world of fertility to our Cheshire IVF & fertility clinic for the 2nd International RHG Congress. The two day event was titled ‘From laboratory bench to live birth‘ and was aimed at learning, discussing and debating some of the most important aspects of […]

Meet our team – Embryologist Caroline Watkins

In the latest of our series of ‘Meet the team’ blogs, we introduce Caroline Watkins from our embryology team. How did you begin your career in IVF? I started to learn about embryology during my bachelor’s degree back in 2001, this was one of my favourite modules at Sheffield alongside molecular immunology and physical methods for studying […]

How fertile are you? Our new fertility check will help you find out

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how fertile you are before you start trying for a baby? Wouldn’t it also be nice if you could be offered reassurance that although you haven’t got pregnant within a few months of trying, that all is OK with you and your partner? Equally, wouldn’t it be a […]

All single women under the age of 35 should freeze their eggs

Reproductive Health Group clinical director, Luciano Nardo, says that egg freezing using the vitrification method should be offered to all single healthy women to preserve their own fertility. “Whilst it is established that elective egg freezing doesn’t guarantee pregnancy outcome, it increases the chances of a woman conceiving her own biological child later on in […]

IVF with Donor Eggs – All you need to know

One of the most common treatments offered at Reproductive Health Group is IVF treatment using donor eggs. We regularly receive questions about egg donation, the treatment process, the donors, waiting lists and screening. Our latest blog is aimed at answering our most common questions, but if you have a question not detailed below, you can […]

Now available – new non-invasive prenatal test

A non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) is an advanced screening test using DNA in the mother’s blood to estimate the risk of a fetus having Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome and Patau’s syndrome. There are many different NIPTs on the market, but the majority will screen for these three. Edwards’ and Patau’s syndrome are much rarer than […]

Donor eggs available now for UK-based IVF treatment

IVF treatment with donated eggs can offer the chance of pregnancy to women who would not otherwise have this opportunity, as they have no suitable eggs of their own to use. This could be because of their age, premature menopause, ovarian failure, infertility due to cancer treatment or because they are at risk of passing […]

Introducing our Fertility Care Coordinators

Celia Cooper and Mandy Laing are our Fertility Care Coordinators, here to help make sure that each step of our patients journey goes as smoothly as possible and to ensure that all our patients have a personal contact for any queries they may have. If you are thinking about potentially starting fertility or IVF treatment, […]

2nd Birthday Party a Huge Success

We would like to thank all of the patients, guests and local businesses that made yesterday’s 2nd birthday party a day to truly remember. The turnout was fantastic and it was lovely to see so many friendly faces and meet all of your beautiful children. It was hugely rewarding to see so many happy families […]