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Implantation failure assessments

Failure to achieve a pregnancy in consecutive IVF cycles despite the transfer of good quality embryos  can be both frustrating and emotionally draining. Here at RHG we are specialists in the investigation and treatment of recurrent implantation failure (RIF). We offer two different assessment packages to investigate possible causes of RIF. The basic package includes […]

Recurrent implantation failure – what is it and what causes it?

Recurrent implantation failure refers to cases where good quality embryos have failed to implant following several IVF cycles for the same patient. The failure could be due to either maternal or paternal factors or issues with the embryo. Maternal factors could include uterine abnormalities, thrombophilia, problems with the endometrium which make it non-receptive to the […]

Sperm freezing and fertility preservation

As a male below the age of 50, you’re probably not worrying about your fertility just yet. Although it’s true that fertility problems tend to arise the older you get, in your younger years your sperm can be affected by your lifestyle choices, potentially limiting your chances of starting a family. A great way to […]

What happens at your first fertility consultation?

Your initial consultation with your fertility specialist is an important moment. It usually involves taking a detailed history  – not only of your fertility, but also about  your general health and that of your partner if you have one. Generally we would like if possible to arrange your initial fertility tests before the consultation, at […]


What is the best age to freeze your eggs?

Egg freezing is a fertility preservation option if you are not considering having a baby at the present time but may wish to do so at some point in the future. Eggs can be retrieved, frozen and stored for you to use once you reach a point in your life when you would like to […]

Why women choose to freeze their eggs

Egg freezing may be carried out for a number of reasons. These could include: Social reasons – women who are concerned that their fertility may decline before they find the right partner or situation in which to have a child. Medical reasons –  women who have a medical condition or treatment which may reduce their […]

RHG team up with Greater Lancashire Hospital

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with renowned private healthcare providers Greater Lancashire Hospital to launch a new, exciting IVF service locally. This new collaboration is now at the forefront of women’s health, IVF and fertility care in the North West. Here at RHG we are known for our highest standards […]

Embryo implantation failure tests

Embryo implantation failure is part of what we called the dreaded diagnosis of unexplained infertility where people are putting out so much time, effort, money, emotion and yet it keeps repeating with each IVF cycles. For unexplained failure of implantation we would say that it is usually two cycles of really good embryos that are […]

Putting Male Health First

When a couple fails to conceive, males are found to be solely responsible in 20-30% of cases and contribute to almost 50% of cases overall. Professor Luciano Nardo, founder and medical director of Reproductive Health Group (RHG) in Daresbury, has dedicated his entire career to helping couples who are seeking to conceive a child and […]

Egg Freezing for Fertility preservation

With the introduction of new rapid cryopreservation technique, egg freezing is seen as an option to potentially preserve a woman’s long term fertility. As women age, their number of eggs decreases and there is a decline in the quality of those eggs. One of the advantage of freezing eggs is that it secures the quality […]