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The 7 things I have learnt since becoming a solo mum

If you’re single and looking to start a family, we can help. Our supportive and experienced staff will guide you through choosing the best process for you, using donated sperm with either intrauterine insemination or IVF treatment. Through our Patient Support Partners network, we also offer support that goes beyond clinical advice with access to […]

Meet Katrina, our Healthcare Assistant here at RHG

We are delighted to introduce Katrina Green, our Healthcare Assistant here at our Daresbury clinic. Katrina joined our friendly nursing and care services team earlier in the year and has fast become an integral part of our team. Here is a little bit about Katrina in her own words. Katrina, what are your day to day responsibilities […]

How much alcohol is ‘too much’ when trying to conceive?

When trying to conceive, NHS and healthcare professionals often recommend that both men and women stop drinking alcohol. But is one glass of wine too much? Here’s what research has shown so far: Alcohol affects both male and female fertility, but the level of consumption associated with risk is unclear. High levels of maternal alcohol […]

Endometriosis and Me : Helen’s Story

The following article was written by Helen Taylor and originally posted on the InsideOut Wellness Centre website. Helen has worked closely with RHG partners Kate Morris-Bates and Mandy Laing, from InsideOut, who have provided ongoing support, including acupuncture, coaching and nutrition therapy.   Helen Taylor first started her wellness journey in November 2017. She came to us […]

The latest developments in Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing

Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) isn’t a new science, it’s been available to fertility specialists for some time now, but last year a great step forward was made by the laboratory that Reproductive Health Group work with that enables couples to make informed decisions about their journey to parenthood. ‘In the very simplest terms, PGT gives […]

The Benefits of Fertility Coaching

If you are going through infertility and your emotions are all over the place, you are not alone. In fact, this journey is a roller coaster of emotions. In a recent study, patients going through fertility challenges have reported that 90% felt depressed, 42% felt suicidal, 50% reported it was the most upsetting experience of […]

Introducing Baby Harriet

We are delighted to introduce baby Harriet Elizabeth. Congratulations to Kate & Steven from all of the team at RHG, your baby girl is beautiful. Here is a lovely note sent to us from Kate & Steven. I just wanted to let you know that we had our little girl last night. Meet Harriet Elizabeth. […]

More positive pregnancy tests at RHG

Fantastic news to end the week with 75% of pregnancy tests this week being positive. Delighted for our patients and for our team too who work so hard every day to achieve these outcomes for our patients. Wishing all of you the very best for the exciting months ahead.

RHG welcome Consultant Gynaecologist, Dr Talha Al-Shawaf

We are pleased to introduce Dr Talha Al-Shawaf who is joining the RHG team as Consultant in Reproductive Medicine. Dr Al-Shawaf has over 35 years experience as a Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician and has worked in the IVF field in both the private and NHS sectors since 1987. His areas of speciality are prevention of […]

Introducing Baby Felix

We are delighted to introduce baby Felix, who was born on 22nd March 2019. Congratulations to Kate & Jon from all of the team at RHG, your baby boy is beautiful. Here is a lovely note sent to us from Kate & Jon. Hi everyone, particularly our hero Mr Nardo, We will send you something […]