Private Maternity Care

Author: Dr Koon Loong Chan, Consultant Obstetrician and Subspecialist in Fetal and Maternal Medicine

Being pregnant is an exciting time but can also be daunting for mums-to-be, especially if this is your first baby and don’t know what to expect. Antenatal care is dedicated to giving you the support and healthcare you and your baby need while you are pregnant to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. It will also give you an opportunity to plan your birth and to get any concerns you may have answered by the midwife or obstetrician (doctor specialising in pregnancy care).

Differences between NHS and Private Care

The majority of pregnant women have pregnancy care provided by the NHS and deliver in a NHS hospital. This is perfectly adequate for these women. However, some women chose to have private pregnancy care. This may be a package of pregnancy care catering for the pregnancy, delivery and after delivery or a package of pregnancy care catering for the pregnancy and after delivery but not the delivery itself – this is provided by the NHS hospital you chose to book and deliver at.

There will be women who would be adequately looked after in the NHS but prefer to have private pregnancy care so they have more choice over who takes care of them and prefer the one-to-one care that private pregnancy care offers. Women who are relatively high risk may still chose to have private pregnancy care as this may give them more reassurance to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable pregnancy.

Our Private Maternity Packages

At Reproductive Health Group, we have private obstetricians who are Consultants in Obstetrics and Specialists in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester who offer care for the pregnancy and after delivery but, at present, not delivery. The Consultant package will provide a high level of specialised care which will help you feel reassured throughout your pregnancy. We also offer a Midwifery package for those women that are low risk. Whichever package you chose you will regularly see the same team of specialists for consultations, scans and blood tests. We also offer individual tailored care so that you can chose what tests and scans you prefer during your pregnancy. This tailored care can be discussed at your first visit with the Consultant or the Midwife. We offer a relaxed environment giving time for consultations and visits that are convenient.

Benefits of Private Care

  • Consultant led care
  • Appointments usually seen with a private midwife
  • No waiting lists – you will be seen promptly
  • Relaxed and calm environment
  • More time dedicated to you and your baby
  • Clean and safe private hospital
  • Free parking and refreshments
  • Professional, caring and friendly staff

If you would like to talk to us about our maternity care packages, please call us on 01925 202180 or contact us via our website here.