Can Acupuncture Improve my Fertility?

If you are looking for an alternative type of therapy which can work to support your infertility treatment, you may have heard that acupuncture can help.

However, if you are not sure what it is or how exactly it can be used to assist with infertility, you may have some reservations about giving it a try.

Therefore, it is important to do a suitable amount of research into the link between acupuncture and fertility, to ensure that you fully understand how this type of medicine could complement your IVF treatment.

Here at Reproductive Health Group, we understand that there is an incredible amount of information available on the internet, so we have compiled a list of the most important points that you should know.

If you are considering IVF paired with acupuncture as an infertility treatment, read on to discover how the process works:

What is acupuncture?

What is acupuncture?

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The acupuncture which is used to assist with your fertility treatment is heavily based on the same form of traditional Chinese medicine, which dates back thousands of years.

The acupuncture process involves the insertion of extremely narrow needles into various points around the body. This is done to stimulate the sensory nerves that lie under the skin and in the body’s muscles.

When these nerves are stimulated it leads to the body producing natural substances, such as endorphins, which will help to relieve pain.

Different kinds of acupuncture can produce different types of benefits, depending on the issue that the patient is facing.

Can acupuncture help to improve a woman’s fertility?

There have been several studies into the effects of acupuncture on fertility levels, many of which have shown incredibly promising results when paired with IVF.

Acupuncture is believed to increase the chance of IVF success rates, as the positioning of the needles can greatly improve blood flow to the ovaries. This, in turn, leads to the uterine lining thickening which enhances implantation. This may help people who believe they have experienced signs of infertility.

Not only this, but it could also help to protect the ovaries from damage and reduce the rate at which the important cells there die off.

The positive affect that acupuncture has on reducing mental health problems like anxiety, stress and depression are also features which fertility patients can benefit from.

There have also been a few studies which may indicate that acupuncture can have a positive effect on sperm counts in men, which may be a good option to improve male fertility before IVF treatment. Not only this but it may also improve motility, which is the rate that the sperm cells swim at.

Do fertility clinics offer acupuncture?

Do fertility clinics offer acupuncture?

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At Reproductive Health Group, we take pride in the fact that we offer sessions of acupuncture, both before and after certain fertility treatments such as IVF.

We believe that this complements the work that we are doing, in a way that can greatly improve your chances of a successful conception.

Other complementary therapies we can advise on, such as nutritional therapy and reflexology, have also been shown to help deal with fertility and gynaecology problems. Crucially, they are very effective in helping you to deal with what can be an emotional time.

These therapies are not only effective for women. Making changes to diet and lifestyle, along with nutritional supplements, are proven to improve the quality of sperm.

It should also be noted that poor lifestyle choices such as stress, poor diet and smoking could affect fertility.

To find out more about the different fertility services that we offer, and how they can personally help you, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of fertility experts. Our staff are always happy to help and advise you as to which steps to take.