Endometriosis and Me : Helen’s Story

The following article was written by Helen Taylor and originally posted on the InsideOut Wellness Centre website. Helen has worked closely with RHG partners Kate Morris-Bates and Mandy Laing, from InsideOut, who have provided ongoing support, including acupuncture, coaching and nutrition therapy.


Helen Taylor first started her wellness journey in November 2017. She came to us after the loss of her precious Ivy-Rose; a baby girl who was tragically still born after 20 week of pregnancy. As if this was not enough she has been through multiple miscarriages over the years, and suffers from severe endometriosis.

Helen is a courageous lady who wanted us to tell her story to inspire other women to take their self-care seriously, whatever their situation. She believes that making her self-care a priority has been the key to her recovery. And a new way to Thrive.

We invite you to Read and Watch Helen’s story told in her words.

Helen’s Story

I first started working with Kate not long after I lost my baby girl, Ivy-Rose. Even though I had lost pregnancies before, this one was the one which took a chunk of my heart, soul, hope and happiness away. I needed some coaching support to help me cope. Just survive really.

I suffer with Endometriosis and I truly believe this is the root cause of my fertility problems.

My symptoms were sleep problems, lots of waking in the night, being overweight. Feeling low, and not at all myself. I felt like I had lost my way.


Kate is a beautiful, very insightful, compassionate and giving soul. She will stretch you into the depths of yourself and bring you back to centre. She will help you take ownership of what ever area of your life you want to resolve, and take to a whole new level.

Kate supported me through a trauma in my life when I could not think straight, guiding me by giving me the tools to move forward in a more positive way. I’m feeling balanced again after so long. I feel very blessed to have met her.

Watch this video which I filmed with during National Endometriosis Awareness Week (March 2019) about my experiences. And the advice I would give to fellow sufferers. This film was shot with Kate (founder, wellness coach and holistic therapist) and took place in the beautiful wellness space of InsideOut Wellness Centre, Mold.


After my coaching sessions with Kate, she advised me to try Acupuncture with Mandy Laing to start a more physical approach to balancing my mind, body and spirit.

Mandy listened to my story and focused on treating my spiritual wellness over the weeks. Balancing me. I have become more myself, more positive, more confident.

Happier than I ever thought I would.

I remember my very first treatment, Mandy put a needle in my back and it felt like she had turned up the “happiness dial” inside me.

My sleep is better and I feel stronger and able to think of other things. Like losing weight, eating healthy exercising, thinking of myself and my self care.

It is amazing how quickly I found the effects working for me it was instant for me.

I find the 5-Elements treatment fascinating and so effective and recommend it to everyone and Mandy as a therapist.

I have enjoyed learning about the treatment that I have been receiving from Mandy. She is a beautiful soul ,caring, supportive and really knows her stuff.

I still have treatment with Mandy on a monthly basis and always will just for me and my self care.

I can’t thank Mandy enough for what she knows. I’m overwhelmed and grateful to have found her and to be treated by her.

Timeline Therapy

I also found the Timline therapy I had with Ruth Dive amazingly powerful as a way of working with my unconscious mind to heal my emotional traumas. It also helped me get rid of unwanted thoughts and emotions. Self-sabotage with the occasional cigarette when I was feeling down. One session with Ruth cleared me of this unwanted habit.

I would recommend this therapy to anyone who feels they are bogged down in past memories, or have unwanted habits. Ruth is an amazing practitioner.

Nutrition Therapy

And finally, perhaps the biggest noticeable positive change to my endometriosis has been changing my diet and my relationship with food.

I used to be a sugar monster. Comfort eating refined sugary foods and beige carbs. The weight had piled on. Following Kate’s advice and with the support of the team at InsideOut, I started working with a nutrition coach to help me change my poor eating habits.

2 stone in 2 months has slipped off me, without really trying. I cut out refined sugar overnight, started eating proper foods in proper quantities. My periods, which used to cripple me have smoothed out, I didn’t even know I was coming on. If you are an endometriosis sufferer, you will know what an amazing thing this is.

However, the key thing is, I had to be ready to address my eating habits. 12 months ago I would not have entertained the thought; sugar was a comfort reflex. I needed to do all the other things I had done with the InsideOut team before I was ready to work with the nutrition coach.

I feel better now than I have ever felt in my life, and I look and feel my best self.

It’s a funny thing – when you concentrate on self-healing and not on your weight, how easy it is to lose.

Helping Others

I am now ready to reach out and start supporting others with their endometriosis journey. So, I’m starting a private Facebook Endometriosis Support Group through the InsideOut page. Just so we can talk and support one another in a safe space. You can find the link here.

If you want support with managing your endometriosis or other fertility issues, I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate and the whole team at InsideOut.

Much love, with warmth and light, Helen x

Kate and Steven's Story

We are delighted to introduce baby Harriet Elizabeth. Congratulations to Kate & Steven from all of the team at RHG, your baby girl is beautiful. Here is a lovely note sent to us from Kate & Steven.

I just wanted to let you know that we had our little girl last night. Meet Harriet Elizabeth. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true and helping us in our fertility journey, Kate and Steven.

Introducing Baby Felix

We are delighted to introduce baby Felix, who was born on 22nd March 2019. Congratulations to Kate & Jon from all of the team at RHG, your baby boy is beautiful. Here is a lovely note sent to us from Kate & Jon.

Hi everyone, particularly our hero Mr Nardo,

We will send you something properly once we’re organised, but Jon and I wanted to introduce you to our beautiful baby boy, Felix, born on 22.3.19, weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces.

We’re absolutely besotted by him, and very much in love.

Our treatment throughout was amazing and apart from morning sickness, the pregnancy was wonderful.

Thanks to you Mr Nardo, and your amazing team, especially Edyta and Suzanne (there were others too but names are escaping us sorry), you’ve fulfilled our long sought after dream, and we are so so happy in our little threesome.

We will come to visit you one day soon, we need a photo of Felix and Mr Nardo!,

Love from Kate, Jon and Felix xxx

Melanie and Garry's Story

We are delighted to share the following message that we received this week from RHG patients, Melanie and Garry. Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world, your beautiful Isobel Kate.

I would like to thank everyone at Reproductive Health Group for helping myself and my partner over the past 2 years to achieve our dream. You have all been amazing through our treatment, always keeping us informed on our protocol and helping with any questions we had no matter what. We welcomed our very precious daughter Isobel Kate into the world on 06.01.19 – can’t thank you enough and would recommend the clinic to anyone. 5* service all the way.

Melanie and Garry.

RHG supporting 'Part of Me' Charity in memory of Glen

After getting married in 2002 and trying for a baby without success we embarked on our IVF journey in 2006, and after 5 failed attempts between the NHS and privately, we decided to stop and rebuild our lives as the emotional rollercoaster of the fertility journey had really took its toll physically and mentally.

In 2013 as I was approaching the age of 40 in the following year we decided to give IVF one more go, and if this didn’t work this time it wasn’t meant to be.  We did our research to look for a private consultant that had a good reputation and that could help us, and that led us to Mr Nardo.

Mr Nardo was amazing from day 1, really took time to go back to basics and look at all our medical history and what we had been through.  On further examination Mr Nardo noticed a problem with my womb which needed to be operated on in his professional opinion would be needed before a successful conception happened. A problem on my womb that no one had previously picked up on was then rectified by a day case operation and then once I had recovered we embarked on 1 final attempt of IVF.

This time everything felt so different, Mr Nardo was always empathetic and always encouraging us to stay positive and there was always the personal touch from Mr Nardo you could always speak to him directly something that had never happened before.  In November 2013, we got the best news ever we had a positive pregnancy test, something my husband Glen and I had never thought would happen.

In July 2014 – Our beautiful miracle baby Sophia arrived safely into the world on exactly week 36 of my pregnancy weighing 4lb 5oz.  We will never forget how Mr Nardo and his team helped us achieve the gift of life which we thought would never happen, I do believe he is the Miracle Man of the fertility world he is truly amazing.

Our hopes, dreams and prayers had finally been answered, being a mummy and daddy was what we had always wanted, we were so happy a little family we had finally become, sadly from Sophia being 3 months old Glen her daddy started suffering with his health, he had suffered with a heredity liver disease for about 15 years which the condition had always been manageable, to it then becoming end stage liver disease to the point where he would need a liver transplant to survive.

GlenAnother emotional rollercoaster was about to start, Glen was placed active on the waiting list in April 2015.  In November 2015 we got that call in the middle of the night to say that a liver had become available,  off we went to Leeds where the operation would take place.  Glen had further tests to find out that another problem had now occurred on his lungs and the consultant would not allow the transplant to go ahead as they did not believe Glen would survive the operation.

A devastating blow, one that caused Glen to be suspended on the transplant waiting list whilst they tried to rectify the problem on his lungs, the more the time elapsed the more Glen was deteriorating to the point at the beginning of April 2016 when Glen was being best man at his best friends wedding, he did a speech despite being breathless and not feeling well at all to then be taken to hospital on the same day.  On arrival his oxygen levels were only 40% and the doctor treating him did not even know how he was standing on that level of oxygen let alone being able to do a best man speech.

After trying desperately to try and get his oxygen levels up without success, Glen was transferred to intensive care and a couple of days later he had to be put on a ventilator, and from then on he was just deteriorating until sadly on 20th April 2016 Glen lost his brave fight for life at the age of 39.

SophiaLife had truly been an emotional and cruel rollercoaster for Glen, from desperately wanting to be a dad and it finally happening after years of trying and unsuccessful fertility attempts he was then gifted with being a Daddy to his Princess Sophia and that was sadly short lived as Sophia was only 20 months when her daddy passed away.

I believe things could have been different if Glen had received the call that a liver had become available sooner, sadly not enough people are opting to be on the organ donation register and sharing their wishes with their families what they want when they die, so people like my husband are sadly losing their lives waiting.

Raising awareness of the importance of organ donation and the importance of talking about it to your loved ones and sharing your wishes is something that I am completely passionate about doing as I know first hand how heart wrenching it is watching someone you love more than anything in the world deteriorate day by day and the only way they are going to survive if someone gives them the gift of life by donating their organs when they no longer need them.  It is like you have been handed a death sentence and there is only one way you are going to be potentially saved.

We are now currently setting up a charity in memory of my husband Glen called ‘Part of Me’ which is set up to continue to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation and eventually we want to offer emotional and practical support to other families going through something similar to what we went through.

I hope sharing Glen’s story will make others think about organ donation and talk to their families as you really and truly do not know when someone you love will need a transplant.

Follow Cheryl’s progress

You can follow Cheryl’s progress and support ‘Part of Me’ via the links below: