Celebrating the Nurses at RHG-IVF Life on International Nurses’ Day

Today, on International Nurses’ Day, we celebrate all nurses and healthcare assistants, and recognise them for their role in the care and wellbeing of us all.

The Nursing team at RHG-IVF Life is key to the success and of every patients’ treatment plan and to their overall experience on their fertility journey.

International Nurses’ Day celebrates everything that is good about nurses and nursing on 12 May – the birth date of Florence Nightingale, one of the founders of modern nursing.

The nursing team at RHG-IVF Life includes the nurse manager, registered nurse, healthcare assistants, and operating department practitioner.  They have many years of combined experience in both the NHS and private healthcare sector, in general nursing, A&E, trauma, women’s health, and in gynaecology and fertility.

Some have worked for RHG-IVF Life for long enough that they have cared for patients through two or more treatment cycles.  This continuity of care and knowledge of each patient’s specific treatment is welcomed by many patients who appreciate a familiar, friendly face to help them through their treatment.

Nursing & Clinic Manager, Suzanne Loughlin said: “The nursing team at RHG-IVF Life combines excellent professional skills in fertility nursing with compassion for every patient and a genuine desire to help give people the baby they want so much.

“I have an excellent team, and while the regular ‘thank you’ cards throughout the year – even during the pandemic – highlight the appreciation of patients, they all deserve the extra recognition they will get on International Nurses’ Day.”

Pictured l-r: Nursing & Clinic Manager Suzanne Loughlin, with Healthcare Assistant Katrina Green, and Registered Nurse Rebecca Hesketh