IVF is the most effective form of fertility treatment. The success rate for IVF is higher than for other types of fertility treatments, although of course this is not yet 100% and a successful outcome cannot be guaranteed. However the chances of success can be greatly increased by choosing the right IVF specialist to treat you.

Some of the key characteristics that are essential for a good IVF specialist are:

Honesty and Integrity: An IVF specialist must always be completely open and honest with his or her patients. When explaining the details of IVF to patients or allaying their fears, a good specialist will be articulate and realistic, explaining things clearly at all times. He or she will not withhold any vital information from patients or make any false promises. If the chances of success in a particular case are little or non-existent, the specialist must convey that to the patient in order to avoid potential emotional suffering.

Compassion: An IVF specialist must understand the mental and emotional state of his or her patients and show utmost compassion and care towards them at all times. Patients undergoing fertility treatment are often emotionally distressed and tense during their treatment, so extra care and compassion from their specialist will help the patients to feel as comfortable and reassured as possible throughout.

Experience and Skills: There is simply no substitute for skills and experience. An IVF specialist with proven skills and experience is more likely to conduct a successful IVF treatment than one with limited skills and experience.