What Does Our Consultant-Led Maternity Package Offer?

Pregnancy can be an exciting yet nervous time for all expectant parents.

The prospect of childbirth may be worrying for those who have never experienced it before, so it’s very important that you are assisted through your pregnancy by a calming influence, such as our professional team here at Reproductive Health Group.

There are many reasons why our private maternity care services are the ideal choice for you and your family, rather than a government-funded alternative.

Our services provide you with a personalised pregnancy plan as well as additional care if you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

To find out more, read on discover more of the other great reasons why our consultant-led maternity package would benefit you:

Benefit from first-hand support

Private maternity care

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When you’re going through pregnancy, you require an amazing amount of support from family, nurses and doctors alike.

With our package offer, we guarantee a high-level of care from experienced specialists.

During the duration of your pregnancy, our first-hand service gives you the ideal platform to build a strong, trusted relationship with our team of fully-trained midwives.

You will also have the full support from your very own private consultant, so whenever you have any reservations or questions, your enquiries can be answered in no time.

Constant updates

Our consultation program ensures you undergo regular tests, to ensure that both you and your baby’s health are in tip-top condition.

Our package offers reassurance via regular consultations with a specialist as well as various tests and scans. These continue regularly from your first appointment with us, through to the birth of your child.

Through consultations we will meticulously plan every stage of your pregnancy, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the birth.

Ultrasound Scan options

Ultrasound scan

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We monitor you and your baby’s health via numerous scans, which are available in our consultant-led maternity package.

These scans will continue throughout the entirety of your pregnancy, including the likes of emergency, anomaly and 4D, as well as the traditional 12-week ultrasound scan.

With our package, you’ll be scanned more frequently than if you went with a government-funded option, and have greater accessibility when you need it.

Frequent testing

As well as having access to advanced scanning options, you will also have more options available to you regarding testing when you choose our package.

Examples of the tests we have available include prenatal testing, such as the harmony test. This entails assessing the mother’s blood and examining the baby’s DNA. This test is so advanced that it’s one of the most accurate around.

When you choose our consultant-led package, there are several additional extras available to you, such as parent education lessons, acupuncture, reflexology and hypnobirthing.

If you are interested in our consultant-led package and need more information, contact our expert team today and experience one of the most hands-on and reassuring services in the industry.