With further COVID-19 easing since 17 May, there is good news for fertility patients at RHG-IVF Life as partners can, once again, attend two key appointments.

Partners of patients undergoing IVF and ICSI fertility treatments, can now accompany the patient to her embryo transfer appointment. This includes frozen embryo transfers.

Partners are also welcome to attend the first pregnancy viability scan, following embryo transfer and a positive pregnancy test, to check the progress of the early pregnancy.

“We know that being able to support their partner throughout treatment is really important for couples going through fertility treatment, and these two appointments can be an emotional time to share together,” said Dr Bernie Bentick, Reproductive Health Consultant at RHG-IVF Life, and a COVID-19 prescriber.

“We’re delighted to be able to welcome partners back to these significant moments in a couple’s fertility journey.”

However, other COVID-19 restrictions remain in place, including social distancing measure, patients wearing masks and gloves for all appointments, and women being PCR tested before egg collection.

RHG-IVF Life continues to follow government and HFEA guidance on caring for patients during the pandemic and will issue further updates when advice changes.