Egg Donation for IVF

IVF treatment with donated eggs can offer the chance of pregnancy to women who would not otherwise have this opportunity, as they have no suitable eggs of their own to use. This could be because of their age, premature menopause, ovarian failure, infertility due to cancer treatment or because they are at risk of passing on a hereditary condition.

Eggs may be donated by a donor known to the patient or an unknown altruistic donor. Reproductive Health Group offer the full range of egg donation treatments. As these eggs are already mature and frozen ready for use, there is no waiting time whilst a suitable donor is recruited and then put through a stimulation cycle to harvest the eggs. Treatment can also take place here in the UK at our own state of the art clinic, so there is no need to travel overseas for treatment increasing the level of cost and stress involved.

For more information on our egg donation programmes, please contact our Egg Donation Coordinator, Nikki Francis, on 01925 202180 or at