Choosing the right fertility clinic

To coincide with the launch of our new ‘ask the expert’ feature, we thought we would look at the most important questions you should ask when deciding which fertility clinic is right for you.

Choosing the right fertility clinic is crucial to your fertility journey. There are a lot of clinics to choose from here in the UK, so make sure that you have the key information about the clinics on your shortlist before you make the final decision.

To help you to choose, here are eight questions you should ask your fertility clinic to ensure that you get only the best treatment.

1. How does the clinic decide which treatments to choose?

Through a thorough consultation with the individual and/or couple involved in their fertility treatment, examining medical and personal histories, fertility tests and investigations carried out, a clinic will be able to tell you which course of treatment is right for you.

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2. What tests will I have to have?

There are a number of tests that you can be expected to have as the clinic looks to identify what may be causing the fertility issue. An initial fertility assessment on either the female or both partners in the relationship can help to ensure any issue is dealt with without paying for needless treatment if an easier or more cost-effective solution can be found.

3. Does the clinic work with patients to ensure the treatment for them is the most suitable?

Some clinics are simple IVF clinics, with this being offered to all couples. However, this may not be the best option for those suffering from conditions such as endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome. Choose a clinic that works with you to identify your best chance of success.

4. What treatments are available?

There are a variety of treatments out there, from IVF (In vitro fertilisation), where eggs and sperm are brought together outside the womb in a laboratory, to IUI (Intrauterine insemination), where sperm is inserted into the womb at ovulation time, as well as a host of other options. You can view our full range of fertility treatments here.

  • For IVF treatment, there are a number of different techniques. These include:
  • Natural Cycle IVF – the egg released from the ovary at ovulation is selected for use.
  • Modified Natural Cycle IVF – one egg is stimulated to be released early.
  • Mild Stimulation IVF – minimum doses of fertility drugs are used to gather eggs.
  • In Vitro Maturation – immature eggs are gathered and matured in the laboratory.

Ask your clinic which techniques they use and how successful they have found each one to be if they use a number of techniques.

5. What success rates does the clinic have?

Before you start out, you want to know that you have chosen a clinic that has high success rates in helping people to achieve their goals and become successfully pregnant. Make sure that you take the time to ask about how they measure success, particularly focusing on the treatments they have suggested for you and your partner.

6. What are the costs involved?

Speak to the clinic about the costs involved as these will vary. Make sure that you get them to clarify the total costs before you begin your treatment.

You can view our clear and transparent fertility price list here.

7. Are women with specific conditions accepted at the clinic?

If you are affected by a specific issue, you may find that your clinic does not treat it as they may not have the facilities or maybe don’t want to impact on their success rates. At Reproductive Health Group we are able to treat all gynaecological and infertility conditions under one roof at our Cheshire based Centre for Reproductive Health.

8. What makes the clinic different to the others?

Clinics will often have a speciality and not all clinics will offer the same range of treatments as the others.

In our case, it is our dedicated integrated fertility and women’s health hospital, one of the first ever in the UK. Every detail was designed by our consultants and embryologists, using their extensive experience to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care, using the very latest technology in a state of the art environment.


By asking a number of clinics these questions, you can be sure that your final decision on which is the right one for you is the right one.

If you would like to organise a fertility consultation with us to discuss any of the above, or additional questions you may have, you can request a consultation.