Egg / Embryo Storage and Preservation

Fertility storage and preservation involves freezing and storing eggs, sperm or embryos for use at a later date.

People decide to store and preserve their fertility for a number of reasons. These can include;

  • Delaying parenthood, as female age is a crucial factor in the ability to have a baby later in life.
  • To allow medical treatment to take place which may affect future fertility – this can include chemotherapy
  • Freezing of sperm following surgical sperm retrieval to allow future rounds of ICSI to take place.
  • Freezing of remaining embryos from assisted conception treatment for use at a later date

At Reproductive Health Group our team of embryologists work in a state of the art laboratory equipped with the very latest technology. They regularly carry out the freezing of eggs and sperm and the success rates using frozen sperm and eggs have increased significantly due to the advances in processes such as vitrification, a super cooling technique which is used for the freezing and thawing of eggs.

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