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Surrogacy is the process in which a woman carries and gives birth to a baby on behalf of someone else. It is available at Reproductive Health Group as one of the fertility strategies we offer.

How does it work?

Surrogacy arrangements can work in a number of different ways. If a woman is unable to carry a child herself but does produce eggs,  these eggs can be fertilised with sperm from either her partner or a donor in an IVF cycle, and the resulting embryo replaced back into the womb of the surrogate. This is known as host or gestational surrogacy. Alternatively if she does not produce any eggs of her own, eggs from the surrogate may be used instead. In this situation the surrogate would be inseminated with sperm from either the woman’s partner or a donor. This is known as partial or straight surrogacy. Same sex male couples may also use surrogacy arrangements to create a family. Patients wishing to undergo any of these forms of surrogacy at Reproductive Health Group will be required to source their surrogate themselves before approaching us. This may be either through a specialised organisation or through someone already known to them who has volunteered to act as surrogate.

Why is surrogacy used?

Surrogacy may be used in cases where a woman has a medical condition that means she is unable to carry a pregnancy herself. These could include an absence or abnormality of the womb, previous recurrent pregnancy losses or repeated implantation failures in IVF cycles.

Legal issues and counselling

The legal issues surrounding surrogacy can be complex and it is essential that anyone contemplating this form of fertility treatment ensures they are well-informed before commencing any treatment. Appropriate counselling support to fully understand the implications is also vital and is available from our experienced counsellor.

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