Fertility counselling for same sex couples

Considering fertility treatment can be difficult for any family, but the road can be even tougher for LGBTQ families.

The good news is, that now, more than ever before, there are more options available for these couples who are ready to grow their families.  Seeking fertility treatment in private clinics is becoming increasingly common for same sex couples and there are a myriad of therapies, like counselling, that can support you on your journey.

For same sex couples who are looking to have a biological connection to their children there are two options, which are intra-uterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Typically, IUI is the main treatment used for female couples looking to start their family; and IVF can also be used if the couples is experiencing fertility issues.

However, there are many emotional implications associated with these treatments and counselling can be useful to explore the challenges that same sex couples might face as they are growing their family.  In the beginning of the journey we can discuss if donor conception the right choice for you, the implications of using donor gametes and the intricacies of what it means for a same sex couple to start a family in a world where bias and prejudice still exists.  We can talk about how your friends and family might react, and how this might affect those relationships.  We can discuss what all this means for you as a couple, how it might affect your future children and how, as a family, you can prepare for this.    As your counsellor I want to ensure you have the right support throughout your journey because the most important aspect of fertility counselling is that you feel supported throughout the entire process.  I endeavour to create a warm, safe, affirming and non-judgemental space to discuss anything that may for you during your fertility journey.

Article by BICA accredited counsellor, Jamie Forster, one of our Patient Support Partners.