Fertility counselling for single parents

Today, more than ever, it seems like our priorities are shifting and as we find our new individual autonomy in this modern world, many people are making the choice to delay parenthood.

We are travelling more, building careers, and really engaging the right to wait to have children until the time is right for each individual.  This shift in perspective means that there is less pressure to get married and have children as soon as possible, and it means people are waiting longer.  However, this means that sometimes the desire to have children comes before the relationship, or sometimes the relationship fails before desire.  Either way if you are single and considering starting your own family, there are many things to think about before you embark on this journey and counselling is a fantastic opportunity to discuss the key issues that arise from pursuing single parenthood.

There are many options for single women to have children, including egg freezing, home insemination, intrauterine insemination (IUI), and in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Counselling will give you the opportunity to discuss the different treatment options and look at how this might affect your current relationships with friends and family.  We can explore what this alternative family arrangement means to you and how well you are equipped to deal with the judgments and biases that still exist in today’s society.  We will talk about the implications of using donor gametes and what that means in terms of legal parentage, donor rights and the rights of your future child.  However, the most important aspect of fertility counselling is that you have a warm, empathic and non-judgmental place where you can explore the emotions, issues, or questions that will arise as a part of your journey to become a parent.

Article by BICA accredited counsellor, Jamie Forster, one of our Patient Support Partners.