IVF for same sex couples

If you’re in a same sex relationship with another woman and are looking to start your family, then Reproductive Health Group can help.

Many same sex couples want to have a family with a biological connection with their child, so choose a method which uses the eggs of one person in the couple. Through the use of donor sperm and assistive reproductive technology such as IUI or IVF, many same sex couples can have a child which carries the genes of its parent.

Treatment Options

The two main forms of treatment that we use to help same sex female couples with are Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

IUI – This procedure is the simplest. It involves timing a woman’s ovulation and introducing the sperm to the uterus via a small tube immediately prior to ovulation. This technique needs to have only the highest quality sperm to ensure a better chance of success. This can be from donor sperm from someone that you know as long as it meets the criteria, or from a sperm bank.

IVF – Using fertility medication, the ovaries are stimulated to produce a number of eggs at once. These are collected and combined with donor sperm via a process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection which injects a sperm directly into the egg. The developing embryo is allowed to grow in the laboratory for a few days before being transferred into the uterus to develop as a normal pregnancy. IVF is often more successful than IUI due to the fertilisation process occurring in the laboratory.

For a much reduced cost women can choose to do egg-sharing. This is where half of the eggs that are harvested from the donor as part of the IVF process are donated to couples who may not be able to use their own. This is only suitable for women who meet certain conditions. See our egg sharing page for more information.

Donor Sperm

All of our donor sperm undergoes rigorous screening to ensure the health of your baby. Same sex couples can use the sperm of someone that they know, or have the option of choosing donor sperm from our partner sperm banks. These are:

Xytex Cryo International www.xytex.com

Based in Georgia in the USA, Xytex work with us to provide UK compliant donor sperm which is imported to our centre.

European Sperm Bank www.europeanspermbank.com

Another donor bank, this time based in Denmark. The donors are both European and American.

Further Options

Before you begin the process of trying for a baby, many couples choose to undergo a full fertility check. This ensures that you are in the best possible position to start your fertility journey.

Another option is egg-freezing, for those who want to start a family in the future but are worried about issues with fertility that can occur with aging.

Reproductive Health Group has worked with many same sex couples to help them start their new families and begin their lives as parents. More than 99% of our patients rate our care as excellent or very good. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us today.