Why Do Women Choose Private Maternity Care?

At Reproductive Health Group, we strongly believe that everyone should have the right to start and raise a family if they wish to.

While in the past, this may not have been a simple thing to achieve, there are now many fertility options for same-sex couples looking to conceive.

However, finding the right fertility option for you can be a daunting, confusing process, if you aren’t provided with enough information on the choices available.

Therefore, to help you to know where to begin, we have compiled a list of some of the fertility options for same-sex couples. This will give you a starting step in your fertility journey and provide you with resources to research your options more in-depth.

Read on to find out more about what fertility options are available to you:

Sperm donations

A sperm donor for lesbian couples is one of the most simple and effective fertility options available for same-sex partners looking to conceive.

The option to use a sperm donor is incredibly useful for lesbian couples who are looking to start a family. It is extremely effective as it can help two women to conceive a child using donor sperm, meaning that the child will be partly genetically related to the couple.

The used donor can be anonymous to the couple, and chosen from a sperm bank, or from someone who is known to the couple prior to the treatment.  Any man who is donating sperm will need to go through a testing process before his sperm can be used.

A sperm donation can also be used to give a gay male couple a little help to achieve a same-sex pregnancy if neither male is producing sperm which is able to fertilize the egg.



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Surrogacy is one of the options available to potential LGBT parents.

This is a treatment that involves a woman carrying a child for a couple who cannot carry one themselves.

Surrogacy is a suitable option for gay couples, as it will allow them to have a child who is biologically related to them, and will be able to raise the baby from birth. This is possible as they will have someone to carry the child for them.

If a female is facing difficulty with carrying a child, then a surrogate is a perfect method of assisting her to reach her goal. This can be done by providing her eggs to be fertilized using IVF and then using the surrogate as a host to carry the child.


Adoption / Fostering

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If same-sex pregnancy is not an option you wish to consider, then adoption is another route into parenthood for LGBT couples.

There are plenty of adoption or fostering options available that help same-sex couples to parent a child without the need to conceive.

If you want to learn more about any of the options that we have mentioned to help a couple to achieve a same-sex pregnancy, then feel free to contact our team of fertility experts. We will be more than happy to discuss your options more in-depth and advise you on how to take the next step in your fertility journey.