Fertility Assessments

Here at Reproductive Health Group, we provide a full range of fertility investigations for both men and women. Whether you’re looking to assess your chances of naturally conceiving or you’re interested in learning more about why you may be struggling, our tests can explain yours or your partner’s fertility situation.

Our affordable fertility investigation can be undertaken as a one-off test, or more regularly if desired. It is designed to provide reassurance, relief and confidence for people who are unaware if they have fertility problems.

For men

From determining the effect of your age on your chances of conceiving naturally, to analysing your chromosomes, we have male fertility tests to signal any sperm disorders that could limit your success, starting from £275. Learn more about fertility assessments for men.

For women

Our female fertility investigations work to determine the effect of your age, and egg quality, on your likelihood of conception. Early treatment can help significantly improve your chances of having a baby, and these assessments start from £275. Learn more about fertility assessments for women.

For couples

We believe that every case is unique. You may find that you struggle to conceive, even if the fertility problem isn’t occurring in your own body. For that reason, we often advise couples to be assessed at the same time. This can allow us to build a complete picture of your chances of naturally conceiving. Our comprehensive fertility assessment for couples costs £400.

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Book your private fertility test

Whether you are ready to start a family or struggling to conceive, our simple fertility checks for both individuals and couples can help you to understand your fertility health.

We believe that it is crucial to receive a prompt assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Doing so can help to reduce the time between discovering any fertility problems and planning ways to start your family.

To book your fertility assessment with one of our specialists today, contact us online. We pride ourselves on doing all we can to put you at ease throughout your fertility journey and will fully explain the procedures beforehand.

If you would like to find out more about RHG, our facilities or treatments, you can organise a free one to one visit here. Alternatively, you can call us on 01925 202180, and we will be more than happy to assist you with any other advice.