Endometrial assessment (EndomeTrio)

When you embark on fertility treatment, waiting to know if the embryo implants can be very stressful and overwhelming. So, knowing that you have had all the available tests to give yourself the best chance of successful pregnancy can provide confidence and reassurance.

Implantation is a highly controlled and dynamic mechanism involving the cross-talk between a normal embryo reaching the blastocyst stage of development and a well prepared receptive endometrium.

The endometrium, not any less than the blastocyst, plays a key role in implantation. Several endometrial factors, including congenital uterine abnormalities (uterine septum), immune resistance, displaced receptivity window, imbalance of endometrial bacterial composition and persistent inflammation of the endometrial lining caused by bacterial pathogens (chronic endometritis) can be responsible for recurrent implantation failure.

At Reproductive Health Group, we perform all the available tests to assess the uterus and endometrial environment in order to exclude underlying issues that can impact on blastocyst implantation and to personalise the time of embryo transfer.

EndomeTrio includes three tests – ERA, EMMA and ALICE – performed from a single endometrial biopsy taken at a specific time of either an hormonally controlled cycle or a natural cycle triggered with hCG administration.

ERA | endometrial receptivity analysis: determines the optimal time in the cycle when to perform the blastocyst transfer

EMMA | endometrial microbiome metagenomic analysis: determines if the endometrial bacterial environment is optimal for blastocyst implantation

ALICE | analysis of infectious chronic endometritis: determines if there is persistent chronic inflammation of the endometrium which may affect endometrial receptivity.

Once the results become available one of our consultants will discuss with you the best time when to carry out the embryo transfer and the need for any therapies before proceeding with embryo transfer.

Thank you for all your hard work not just for us, but for everyone and for making all those wishes come true.

We recommend you to anyone we know who is going through fertility problems as you make the whole journey much more manageable.

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