Male Fertility Assessments

Are you looking to investigate your fertility and understand the chances of you naturally conceiving?

Here at Reproductive Health Group, we offer male fertility tests to help you do just this, and plan for your family’s future.

The first part of any male fertility assessment is to look at your lifestyle. Factors such as your age, weight and diet can all impact your ability to conceive, and we’ll provide tailored advice based on your results to prevent this from developing into a serious issue.

However, because the majority of male fertility issues relate directly to the sperm, our male fertility test explores the different parts of the sperm cells.

Male Fertility Test

Male Fertility Tests Include:

  • Sperm test analysis – also referred to as a sperm count test or commonly as semen analysis, this looks into the quality of your sperm. It includes the number, shape and movement of the cells
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation – helps to determine the genetics of your sperm and detect any abnormalities. Learn more
  • Sperm aneuploidy – this test looks further into your sperm activity and assesses how this will affect your ability to fertilise an egg
  • Karyotype – blood test to check your chromosomes, this investigation evaluates the size, shape and number of chromosomes
  • Genetic testing – if your parents struggled to conceive, this part of the male fertility assessment determines how likely you are to experience the same. It can also discover if you’ll pass any genetic conditions onto your future children
  • Azoospermia – The goal for the doctor treating men who present with azoospermia, is to define the cause, as either obstructive or non-obstructive. History, clinical examination, radiological investigations and genetic screening play a vital role in the workup.By thoroughly assessing both the patient and the female partner, the appropriate treatment can be offered, which may include surgical correction, or sperm harvesting combined with assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF or ICSI. Learn more

All these tests, as well as freezing and preservation of sperm, can be carried out in our fertility clinic. Our centre has specialist laboratories, where your sperm count test and analysis will be done by our highly experienced embryologists.

To learn more about our fertility tests for men, contact us today. We’ve helped hundreds of men assess their fertility status and plan for their future; we’d love to help you, too.

Is Male Factor infertility increasing?

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