Time-Lapse Embryoscope Monitoring & Imaging

The EmbryoScope is a time-lapse system that provides undisturbed embryo culture and takes a photograph of each embryo every 10 minutes. This allows the embryologists to observe all the critical events during embryo development. The system uses embryo analysis software which has been developed from the data collected from thousands of embryos worldwide. This allows the embryologists to select the best embryo for transfer and cryopreservation.

Since the EmbryoScope™ was launched eight years ago, over one million embryos have been cultured in this time-lapse system, and over 40% of all IVF and ICSI cycles in the UK use an EmbryoScope™. There is now evidence that embryos cultured in an EmbryoScope™ have a higher chance of implantation and a lower chance of early pregnancy loss.

Karen Schnauffer, the Reproductive Health Group’s Laboratory Director explains

As an embryo grows there are constant changes and developments that we miss with conventional culture, where the dish containing the embryos has to be removed from the incubator to check the embryos. These observations are carried out very quickly to try to protect the embryo from damage and can only provide a brief ‘snap-shot’ of the embryo’s development. The EmbryoScope has enabled a wealth of information about early embryo development to become available by providing constant surveillance for as long as we need without moving them from their stable, controlled environment.

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Selecting the best embryo with Embyoscope

An IVF cycle involves several different steps that will help you increase the chances of becoming pregnant. One of the steps is growing the embryos in a safe undisturbed environment and selecting the embryo most likely to result in the birth of a healthy baby.

Embryoscope Step by Step

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