Luciano Nardo

Following the recent conflicting publications on the Mail Online website regarding the best time to have a baby, RHG clinical director & UK IVF expert Luciano Nardo has voiced his opinion on the subject.

Women that leave until their late 30s to start trying to conceive can be a real risk to themselves and to the society. They should be made aware by healthcare professionals that postponing intentionally pregnancy and not making provisions for fertility preservationegg freezing” until the time when their reproductive potential physiologically decline is unreasonable and dangerous. Women who begin trying to conceive later in life are more likely to be faced with significantly reduced chances of success, to spend more money for their fertility treatment and indeed to require egg donation.

These comments followed today’s article from Lord Professor Winston claiming that “Waiting to have children is a ‘really good thing’“, which contradicted a recent piece covering NHS chief Professor Geeta Nargund’s letter to the education secretary published at the end of May, which warned “women not to wait until 30 to have baby as country faces a fertility timebomb“.