RHG-IVF Life Interim CEO Jenny Dobbs outlines recent good news for lesbian couples who want to become a family.

“The HFEA (Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority) has reported that more same sex couples are accessing IVF treatment to start a family.

“In some cases women are choosing to provide eggs (egg provider) for use in the treatment of their female partner who will receive the embryo and carry the pregnancy if successful (recipient).

“Until 1 June 2021 the HFEA required IVF clinics to register the egg provider as ‘donor’ and the partner as the ‘recipient’.

“But from 1 June the HFEA has changed the way in which they register egg providers and, instead of being registered as a ‘donor’, the egg provider will be registered as a ‘patient/partner’.

“This is a positive move by the HFEA for same sex families as it more accurately reflects their status and their intended role in the child’s life.

“In line with this change the HFEA has produced a dedicated consent form for women providing eggs, or embryos created using their eggs, for use in their partner’s treatment.

“Patient/partner treatment can also be referred to as shared motherhood or reciprocal IVF – and RHG-IVF Life has already helped many lesbian couples to become families using this treatment pathway.

“During Pride month we are delighted to welcome lesbian couples and lesbian single women to our ‘Your Pride & Joy’ webinar on 24 June to learn more about their treatment options and how RHG-IVF Life can help them become a family.”

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For further information on the HFEA report visit the HFEA website.