Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

Research presented at the 2019 European Association of Urology Congress in Barcelona revealed that the DNA of sperm extracted from the testicles of infertile men might be just as healthy as the sperm found in the ejaculate of fertile men.

The research could have implications for improved treatment of male infertility.

This research supports past understanding of the role DNA fragmentation in sperm plays in male infertility, as well as how lifestyle risks from poor diets to smoking can affect infertility.

The research suggests that looking into yet-to-be-damaged sperm in the testicles could offer a solution to couples working to overcome infertility challenges.

It’s been known for the last few years that men with high DNA fragmentation rates have more difficulty initiating pregnancy as well as experience higher rates of early term pregnancy loss.

DNA damage assays are currently not considered standard of care by European and American fertility specialists, but many find them useful in certain circumstances – when patients have normal semen analyses parameters but recurrent miscarriage, when a man has a varicocele and more data is needed before a decision can be made about removing it, or when patients have had recurrent IVF or ICSI failure.

Couples whose male partner has a high DNA damage rate in his semen may benefit from a minor surgical procedure to extract sperm directly from the testicle, and this may increase that couple’s odds of a viable pregnancy.

At RHG, we are proud to offer both, the diagnostic and therapeutic elements of this new approach – DNA fragmentation testing, as well as surgical sperm extraction.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/dna-of-sperm-from-infertile-men-as-healthy-as-sperm-from-fertile-men