Fertility Check Cheshire

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how fertile you are before you start trying for a baby? Wouldn’t it also be nice if you could be offered reassurance that although you haven’t got pregnant within a few months of trying, that all is OK with you and your partner? Equally, wouldn’t it be a relief to simply know that there might be a problem and you can address it here and now?

Unfortunately there is always the chance of infertility, but it isn’t something that many young people rarely think of, why should they?

Fertility tests aren’t something that people casually request from their GP, they are typically something that people only consider when they HAVE to. They are perceived to be expensive and why would you need one anyway? Ignorance is bliss!

1 in 6 couples in the UK will experience problems conceiving. That is a fact. We regularly see patients who try for many years for a baby without seeking medical advice, many couples who have no clue when it comes to their fertility.

Our affordable new fertility health check that can be had as a one off, or more regularly if desired, is designed to provide reassurance, relief and confidence, helping you to find out how fertile you are.

The cost of the check is £150 for an individual and £250 for a couple. Female partners will undergo an AMH (anti mullerian hormone) blood test and male partners a semen analysis. A 30 minute consultation with one of our fertility specialists will follow to review the results. If these results indicate that further investigations would be recommended, we can offer more comprehensive fertility assessment packages to complement this initial check.