How to prepare for fertility treatment in the New Year

If you’re thinking about starting fertility treatment in 2019, there are lots of ways you can begin to prepare yourself now both physically and emotionally.

Here are a few helpful suggestions but don’t forget you can always contact us at any time for more in depth advice about any of our treatments or services:

Think about the type of treatment that you might need

The types of fertility treatment you might be considering will be determined by your personal circumstances – at RHG our patients include both couples and individuals – and whether or not you have undergone any tests or treatments previously. Different options available to you could include IVF, with or without the use of donor eggs or sperm, IVF with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), intrauterine insemination, egg or sperm freezing, surgical sperm retrieval or surrogacy.

Consider fertility assessments

If you’ve never previously had any checks on your fertility, RHG offer a full range of fertility tests for men, women and couples. Our male fertility assessments offer not just a standard semen analysis but also a sperm DNA fragmentation test, to look for any genetic abnormalities in the sperm, and a sperm aneuploidy test which assesses the ability of the sperm to fertilise an egg. Blood tests for chromosomal and genetic abnormalities are also included. Our female fertility check starts by looking at ovarian function and the couples check looks at male and female factors combined.

Get in shape physically

Lifestyle factors can influence fertility and whether you are aiming to conceive either naturally or via fertility treatment it is advisable to avoid either under or over exercising and to maintain a healthy weight, being neither over nor under weight for your height. Smoking, drinking and recreational drugs can have an adverse effect on fertility and the use of steroids can be harmful to male fertility. The advice of a specialist nutritionist can be helpful not just during the period of trying to conceive but during pregnancy as well to help optimise the chances of a healthy and successful outcome.

Get in shape mentally

There is no doubt that IVF or any kind of fertility treatment can be a gruelling experience emotionally but there are various complementary therapies available which can help to manage the stress. At RHG we work in conjunction with a team of holistic experts to offer a range of therapies to our patients. Acupuncture and reflexology are amongst the most popular that we offer access to but doing some background research on the different therapies before you start your treatment may help you decide if this is something you think may be helpful to you. In some cases a course of complementary treatment may start ahead of any clinical treatment so that you benefit from being more relaxed and less stressed when you begin. RHG patients also have access to support counselling through our specialist fertility counsellor.

Research fertility clinics

All HFEA-licensed clinics are required to include a ‘Success Rates’ page on their public websites, however these can often be somewhat confusing due to the amount of time that elapses between the the data being gathered and being released to the public. A perhaps more accurate picture of the clinic’s recent activities can be gained by reading up to date reviews by current and former patients. At RHG we also have a ‘Patients Stories’ section on our website which gives a good overview of what to expect from a patient’s perspective and these are all genuine testimonials from patients who have undergone treatment with us. It is also vital when considering treatment that you choose a clinic where you feel you can have complete confidence in the clinical team. At RHG our team are led by Clinical Director Professor Luciano Nardo and all are experts in their own fields.

Visit the clinic

It can be helpful when researching a fertility clinic to have the opportunity to visit the clinic to meet some of the staff in person and see the facilities. At RHG we offer a personal tour of our state of the art centre by our dedicated care coordinator and this is followed by a 15 minute meeting with Professor Nardo himself. It’s very easy to book a tour, just give us a call on 01925 202180 or book online here.