Introducing Claire Caldow, Fertility Coach

Meet Claire Caldow, one of our Patient Support Partners. Claire’s background is in psychology and person centred counselling and she trained as a Freedom Fertility Coach following her own IVF fertility journey.

She is passionate about supporting the emotional wellbeing of those experiencing fertility challenges, supporting and empowering individuals and couples to understand and regain emotional control transforming how fertility issues are impacting upon their lives.

Here one of Claire’s current clients explains how she and her partner have found fertility coaching to be beneficial:

“After 2 years trying tirelessly to conceive a baby and suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage in 2017, we were referred to the NHS for investigations. Unfortunately, we had a 6 month wait for our appointment and therefore made the choice to go to a private clinic. Within a month we were about to start IVF treatment and that was when the panic set in.

The desire for a baby had consumed our lives for 2 years; it was a constant weight on our minds. We would leave children’s birthday parties feeling rock bottom as we wondered if we would ever have a child of our own. We would cry to each other and share a feeling of grief each and every month that we had not succeeded in becoming pregnant. We knew we had to try IVF as my AMH level was low. However, the week before starting treatment we felt very vulnerable, we had been through such an emotional roller coaster already and we felt mentally drained. We knew that we had to somehow be positive and stay focused to survive the next month and give ourselves the best chance but we felt that we were drowning in our own fears, doubt and “what if?” questions.

It was then then that we found Claire. As soon as I spoke to her on the phone, I felt that a weight had been lifted. It was such a relief to find someone who knew exactly what we were going through and was willing to be by our side on every step of our IVF journey. During our sessions with Claire, we opened up about our fears and thoughts about IVF. She was fantastic at helping us face each step of our IVF treatment at a time and gave us strategies to stop our minds wandering out of control with the “what if?” questions. I called her “my security blanket” as she helped us completely change our mindsets and outlook in order to imagine what we wanted to happen but she was there for us to run back to whenever we needed her during our treatment.

The 2 week wait was the most difficult time as the stomach pains from the medication I was taking reminded me of our miscarriage. If it hadn’t been for the strategies and resources that Claire had given us, I honestly believe I would’ve lost all hope during those weeks. Instead, I stayed in control of my mindset, visualised what we wanted and after 2 weeks we found out that we were pregnant! It was the most incredible feeling in the world but of course the day after, the fears set in. Claire’s strategies and techniques to stay positive and in control are helping us through the pregnancy and I’ll be eternally grateful for the skills she has given us, not just for the pregnancy but for life.”

You can view Claire’s profile here.