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Embarking on Fertility treatment can be a daunting process; I’m sure you will have lots of questions or anxieties about the process and what it entails.

Having an opportunity to access both support and advice first hand from someone who has been through the process can offer comfort that you are not alone in this IVF journey.

Whether it’s simply why me?, general thoughts and experience, medication and administration, tracking scans, egg collection or embryo transfer itself, I’m here to support and reassure your worries or fears, regardless of your personal circumstances, relationship status or stage of your IVF journey.

I had a fantastic experience with the team at RHG and the clinical support offered was excellent. I feel that what I learnt from my journey is building a relationship with others going through a similar journey can be so reassuring, It can be a lonely and sometimes stressful time and I want to reassure you that I can relate to the emotions and strains you are feeling. My experience has given me a keen passion into IVF and I strive to offer the highest level of support to ensure all patients feel as positive about their journey as I do.

Meet our IVF Buddy and former patient, Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson