IVF Life Group merger with RHG

We are delighted to share with you the exciting news that IVF Life Group has agreed a merger with Reproductive Health Group (RHG).

This merger enables us to share our experiences and expertise, to deliver best practices and latest technology at every level,  for the benefit of our patients and our staff. It also allows us to further strengthen our pan-European footprint.

Under the new management structure it will be business as usual at the Clinic and we assure you of our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest level of care and support to all of our patients.

The IVF Life and RHG integration will enhance our scientific and technological innovation programmes. The cross-collaboration between our clinics and laboratories will boost the Group’s focus on offering truly personalised care and innovative reproductive medicine solutions for the most challenging and complex cases.

The IVF Life Group was originally founded in 2009 and has clinics in Spain (IVF Spain Alicante, IVF Spain Madrid and IVF Donostia in San Sebastian), Germany (IVF Baden Baden) and now in the United Kingdom, as well as other biotechnology companies in the area of reproductive genetics and regenerative medicine. IVF Life Group is relentlessly working towards bringing its patient-centred, personalised and successful reproductive medicine model closer to our patients in UK and across Europe.

For more information on our treatment and services please contact us on 01925 202180 / contact@reproductivehealthgroup.co.uk or see our websites:

Reproductive Health Group:  www.reproductivehealthgroup.co.uk

IVF Life Group:  https://ivf-life-group.com/en/ivf-life-english/

IVF Spain Alicante:   https://www.ivf-spain.com/fertility-clinic-spain-alicante

IVF Spain Madrid:  https://www.ivf-spain.com/fertility-clinic-assisted-reproduction-madrid

IVF Donostia:  https://www.ivf-spain.com/fertility-clinic-donostia

IVF Baden-Baden:  https://ivf-badenbaden.com/