We are delighted to announce that we will now be offering IVF treatment for only £1700 as an addition to our egg sharing programme, that will also enable egg sharers to undergo treatment quicker than ever before.

We will be offering egg sharers who meet our criteria the opportunity to freeze half of their eggs during IVF treatment until a potential recipient is found, rather than waiting to be matched with a recipient, which is usually the case at other clinics.

In addition to the obvious cost benefits, the change benefits both the donor/sharer and the recipient. For both parties it means no waiting time and a much less stressful experience as matching with a recipient is not required prior to starting stimulation. For the donor/sharer it also provides the option to use all of the eggs without impacting on another patient’s cycle and gives the recipient prior knowledge of the number of usable donor eggs.

As well as significantly reducing the cost of treatment to the donor, our egg sharing programme also makes it less costly for the recipient than any other egg donation option.

Benefits of Egg Sharing

Egg sharing allows patients to reduce the cost of their own IVF treatment while helping other women who unfortunately can’t use their own eggs for fertility treatment. If you decide to share your eggs you are effectively helping someone else to start or grow their family.

What does egg sharing involve?

Under our new egg sharing programme, sharers undergo ovarian stimulation as part of their own IVF cycle and donate half of their eggs to be frozen and stored within our dedicated egg bank for future use by a recipient.

Who can be an egg sharer

There are a number of criteria that must be met to be an egg sharer, including being no older than 30, being a non-smoker and having a well controlled weight among others. You can learn more about egg sharing and who can be accepted as an egg sharer here.

How do I get started?

To talk to us about become an egg sharer, or an egg recipient, please complete the form below or call us on 01925 202180.

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