Time for teachers

RHG-IVF Life is encouraging teachers who are planning fertility treatment in the summer holiday to have their fertility tests and investigations before July if they want to have a chance of pregnancy before school begins again in September.

Many teachers contact the clinic in mid-July to have their first appointment from the start of the summer holiday, with the plan to complete both investigations and treatment, and hopefully to be pregnant, before they return to school in September.  But six weeks is often not long enough to complete a treatment cycle.

Katie, (39) from The Wirral said: “Infertility is a hard battle for anyone, and I found it extremely hard as a teacher. Working so hard for other people’s children, when you are faced with the possibility of never having your own, is a heart-breaking reality to enter every day. I really benefitted from using my time wisely during the school holidays. I honestly believe that this is what helped me to become a mummy.”

“Fertility investigations and treatments can often take more than six weeks up to any pregnancy test, even for standard IVF or ICSI treatment.  Other more complex cases will take longer than the summer holidays, and continue into the new term, possibly around the key times of egg collection or embryo transfer,” said Dr Martin DeBono, Fertility Consultant at the Daresbury-based clinic.

“Having your fertility tests and initial consultation before the summer holidays, including in June half-term, may mean time to complete IVF treatment in the summer holidays and know if you’re pregnant before term begins in September.”

RHG-IVF Life understands the time restraints on teachers and wants to help them plan their treatment schedule so they have the very best chance of a positive outcome.  Making ‘time for teachers’ will hopefully remove some of the stress for them, which is a key part of successful treatment.

The clinic is making additional priority first visit consultation appointments for people in education, including teachers, lecturers, pre-school providers, and teaching assistants, during the June half-term, and in later afternoon appointments, before the school year ends in July.

In addition, teachers can receive a free 15-minute mini-consultation before any first visit consultation.  To register, visit the website and complete this form.