Private Maternity Care

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Our Maternity Service

At Reproductive Health Group, we want to ensure that a stress-free, enjoyable pregnancy is the first step to a healthy baby. This is why we offer several different private maternity care packages.

These provide a specialised level of care, which will give you contact with our team of experts as often as you need to feel reassured throughout your pregnancy.

Both our consultant led and midwife packages will mean that you will regularly see the same team of specialists for consultations, pregnancy scans and comprehensive sets of blood tests. This team will be dedicated to the complete care of you and your baby, and will be happy to answer any questions or requests you may have.

All of our private scans and tests are also available as individual maternity services, meaning that you can pick the ones you are interested in and group them into a personalised package.

Who is private maternity care for?

For patients whose pregnancy could hold a higher risk, our specialised maternity services are recommended as they will provide you with complete care and attention.

Others may just want a personal level of care that can only be found through having regular appointments with one consultant. Our consultant led maternity package offers this.

Seeing the same friendly face at each appointment will mean you develop a more personalised relationship, and your doctor will understand your individual needs and preferences.

However, our high standard of care is suitable for any pregnant woman. The time and consistent access to services that come with our packages will ensure that you and your baby are in optimum health throughout your pregnancy journey. As well as this, your personal midwife will be available to help you for up to 6 weeks after baby is born.

If you do not want to invest in a full package of any form, then we can offer one off pregnancy scans, early scans and reassuring tests or consultations to fit in-between your regular appointments. This is to ensure that every woman has access to peace of mind, should she need it.

We at Reproductive Health Group offer three different types of specially led private maternity care packages, all which contain levels of care that are greater than that offered by public maternity services.

Feel free to browse the options we offer below. Alternatively, you can request an online appointment or call us on 01925 202180 to discuss which package would be best fitted to you, or to arrange a consultation. We are always happy to be of assistance.