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Here at Reproductive Health Group we don’t just offer fertility treatment to help you achieve pregnancy. We want to ensure that you are well cared for throughout the journey.

This is why we offer private midwifery packages to ensure that you have the right amount of support and care throughout your pregnancy. We believe that a stress-free, enjoyable experience is the first step to a happy, healthy mother and baby.

What is included in our midwifery package?

Our package gives you access to midwife advice 24 hours-a-day, every day of the week. We can provide midwifery appointments when and where they suit you, whether this be at your home, or place of work.

These routine checks will be with the same midwife, to ensure that you develop a trusting relationship with them. A benefit of this is that your care will be in the hands of someone who knows your personal preferences, and your exact requirements throughout your journey.

As well as this, your midwife will be working alongside a consultant obstetrician to make sure that you are receiving the best possible midwife advice and care that we can offer.

One of our midwives will support you through every trimester of your pregnancy. They will help you decide the kind of birth you want, and arrange your first and second trimester scans to help you plan for the future

Even after your baby’s birth, we offer private postnatal care, consisting of eight visits to use as you wish, which include helping with feeding, sleeping, routine, baby care and weighing.

Who is it suitable for?

Anyone can benefit from the extra level of care and attention that you will receive from our private midwifery. The ability to contact someone for support and reassurance whenever you feel the need is a great way of staying calm and feeling informed throughout your pregnancy.

Patients who may have a risk involved in their pregnancy will certainly see the advantages of private midwifery. This is because the personalised service, the extra-level of care you will receive and the constant access to midwife advice included in this package will allow comfort and peace of mind.

This service is also suitable for anyone who just wants to ensure that they are receiving a personalised, more in-depth level of care throughout their experience.

Why choose Reproductive Health Group?

Our private obstetrics and midwifery team are dedicated to supporting both you and your baby every step of the way, so that you can simply focus on enjoying the precious memories that you are making.

As well as this, we are equipped with modern technology that can produce state-of-the-art 4D pregnancy scans. We can also provide you with the latest antenatal testing to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on track.

Any questions? Contact us today – we are happy to help!

Treatment Costs

The overall cost of our midwifery package is £2,950.

However, there are extra services which can be added on if you feel you require them. These treatments and prices are listed below:

Consultations & TestsPrice (£)
Consultations including Scan400
Consultations excluding Scan300
Harmony Test495
Harmony Test, Consultation & Dating Scan795
Group B Strep Screening80
Blood TestsFrom 70
ExtrasPrice (£)
Parent EducationFrom 150
HypnobirthFrom 150
Nutrition advice85

Refund policy: In the unfortunate event of cancellation on clinical grounds, please contact us for our refund policy.

For more information on how we can support you throughout your fertility and pregnancy journey, feel free to contact us at any time, as we are always happy to help.