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Considering a private Midwife? We want your pregnancy and first weeks with your baby to be incredible and stress free so that you enjoy every single minute. Our unique, community based Midwifery package is designed to ensure you and your family have all the support you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service provides appointments at your home or work place, regular & routine pregnancy checks and ongoing support all with a private Midwife you know and trust, working side by side with Consultant Obstetricians so that you receive the Gold Standard of care.

What is included?

The Midwifery package includes all of all your routine pregnancy checks to monitor the health of you and your baby.

1st Trimester

Your named midwife will come to meet you at a time and place of your convenience between 6-10 weeks of pregnancy. After talking and understanding your history, health, and the type of birth you want she will be able to help you decide where you would like to have your baby. Your booking-in appointment will be arranged at your chosen hospital or birth centre at around 10 weeks, and all 1st trimester screening and scans discussed and planned.

2nd Trimester

Your Midwife can perform your antenatal checks at a time and place that suits you and your families needs. This includes coming to your work place, or evening and weekend appointments. During the 2nd trimester you will se your Midwife regularly and you will be offered an anomaly scan between 19-21 weeks.

3rd Trimester

As you near the end of your pregnancy you will see you midwife frequently, (approximately every 2 weeks, weekly for the last 3 weeks) The time your private midwife is able to spend with you and your partner allows for lots of discussion on birth plans, parent education, planning for baby etc. We want you to approach your due date totally calmly, stress free and excited about your babies arrival. We will provide all your care up until Term plus 11, when we can arrange induction at your chosen hospital.

Additional Consultations, Scans & Blood Tests

In addition to our Midwifery Package, you can also arrange private consultations, maternity scans and blood tests with our consultants at our Cheshire based Centre for Reproductive Health (see Tailored Package for prices). Alternatively these can be arranged your named NHS hospital.

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The beauty of private postnatal care is that you tell us when you want your visits. You don’t need to stay in all day waiting, using up your precious family time. Your named midwife is there to support you during the steep learning curve of the early days to help make your transition to parenthood smooth and effortless. Some families choose to see the midwife 2 or 3 times for the first week and then weekly until baby is 6 weeks. You will have 8 visits to use as you wish helping you with feeding, sleeping, routine, baby care and weighing.

All of the below services can also be bolted on to extend our midwifery package as required.

Our tailored package also allows you select individual items from our maternity service, or group them into a bespoke maternity package to suit you and your pregnancy.

This package is well suited to patients who need more flexible maternity care, or may require a one off emergency scan or Harmony test, while some patients dovetail additional scans within their NHS care for additional reassurance during their pregnancy.

Available Options

Consultations & TestsPrice (£)
Consultations including Scan400
Consultations excluding Scan300
Harmony Test425
Harmony Test, Consultation & Dating Scan725
Group B Strep Screening80
Blood TestsFrom 70
ExtrasPrice (£)
Parent EducationFrom 150
HypnobirthFrom 150
Nutrition advice85
Refund Policy
In the unfortunate event of cancellation on clinical grounds, please contact us for our refund policy.

Private Midwife Care

Our Midwives

Who might maternity care?

Emily Street

Hi, I’m Emily, I’m a mum of 4 and have been a Midwife for 14 years. I truly believe that the help and support you receive during your pregnancy makes a huge impact on your birth and your journey to becoming parents. My wish is that you and your baby have a healthy pregnancy, and a positive birth experience. The Midwifery packages we are able to deliver at RHG are the best possible start for you and your family. My training and expertise in midwifery, hypnobirthing and holistic therapies means that I can help you have the birth you desire whilst also overcoming many of the “minor ailments” of pregnancy with you use of alternative medicine so that you can enjoy every minute. I look forward to meeting you and being part of your special journey.

Helen  Stanley

I’m Helen, I am mum to three girls and I have been a midwife for 20 years.  My expertise, knowledge and compassion in antenatal care enables me to support all women during their pregnancy.  My experience working in hospital triage departments mean I understand the many complex worries pregnancy can bring for women, their partners and their families.  I also work with women who may not have had the birth they longed for in a previous pregnancy to plan and prepare for a subsequent birth.  If you were to choose a consultant package at RHG I will be working with you alongside your consultant to reassure and guide you through every stage of your pregnancy. Every pregnancy has different needs and together we can ensure your transition to parenthood is an enjoyable one.  Pregnancy is a unique experience and the package you choose with RHG will reflect this.  I look forward to welcoming you soon.

Helen Stanley - Midwife
Theresa Greenwood - Midwife

Theresa Greenwood

I am Theresa, mum to four children aged between 9-18years, including twins. I qualified as a midwife in 2008 and I have worked in the hospital and community. Most recently in ante-natal and post-natal care. I especially enjoy following a woman and her family throughout the pregnancy and truly believe having the same midwife and Dr enriches the experience for all. I am working alongside your consultant at RHG and can care for you during all stages of your pregnancy. I will be on hand to answer your queries. Working in collaboration with your consultant I will ensure your care is seamless and individual to you. I want to make your experience enjoyable and unique. Your pregnancy journey should provide exactly what you want and need as you approach the birth of your baby.

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