Karen Dickens

In the latest of our series of ‘Meet the team’ blogs, we introduce Karen Dickens, who is a key member of our patient services team.

How did you begin your career in IVF?

I joined Reproductive Health Group in Group in May 2014. I saw the job advertised whilst I was working in an administrative role in the public sector and knew this was the job for me as I love medicine and welcomed working directly with patients in such a unique setting.

What are your main day to day responsibilities at RHG?

My duties include dealing with new enquiries and giving information via telephone and E-mail, making appointments, answering queries and liaising with nursing teams, consultants, Care Coordinators and patients, setting up/amending clinics for our consultants, reception cover and invoicing (when required).

What aspect of your role is the most rewarding?

The most rewarding aspect is meeting new patients and helping guide and support them on their journey. Being part of a team helping people’s dreams come true is priceless and I am proud of the achievements and dedication of the whole team.

What has been your proudest moment at RHG?

We are a very close-knit team and I always love our anniversary celebrations each year when patients bring their babies to our party. It is hugely rewarding to see so many happy families and we have helped and naturally grown close to over the last few years. I feel very proud of the achievements of the team and the day is always very special for all those involved.

What new services and innovations are you most looking forward to?

Reproductive Health Group is developing all the time and offers IVF’s best technology and more services to patients. In particular Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening which provides essential information for patients undergoing treatment. Looking forward to even more successful outcomes for patients.