Midwife Helen Stanley

[fusion_text]In the latest of our series of ‘Meet the team’ blogs, we introduce Helen Stanley, who is a midwife and recently joined our maternity & obstetrics team.

How did you begin your career in obstetrics?

When I left school at 16 I did a childcare course at college with my mind set on becoming a nursery nurse. During the course we did a module on pregnancy and I was hooked! I knew then that I wanted to be a midwife and spent many months nagging the School of Midwifery to take me on!! When I qualified as a midwife in 1996 I was the youngest qualified midwife in the UK at the tender age of 21years and 3 days.

What are your main day to day responsibilities at RHG?

I currently work in a small team of midwives supporting the three Fetal Medicine Obstetric Consultants we have working at RHG. This team is unique in the private sector, as in the North of England private care is usually separated into Independent Midwifery, with a small number of obstetricians working alone in the private sector. At RHG we are in the unique position to combine both aspects of maternity care in one place. I provide antenatal care for all women who come to see us, supporting the obstetricians during the consultation, and allowing time after for the expectant parents to discuss any worries they have and ensure they have all the up to date information regarding labour and birth options and education for the early days with a new baby.

What aspect of your role is most rewarding?

Being a midwife is a very rewarding job. Knowing you are helping a couple become a family and supporting them during a very emotional and life changing time gives me enormous job satisfaction. At RHG I am getting to know the clients more at each appointment and seeing the same clients week by week is a joy and a privilege.

What has been your proudest moment as a midwife?

Without hesitation it has to be being a part of the birth of my best friend’s three boys. The first born was a forceps delivery but I supported my friend throughout her labour and delivery. The second one was born very quickly at home and I missed his arrival by two minutes!! But the third little man kindly waited for me and I was able to deliver him safely into my friend’s arms. I met my friend on the child care course so it seemed really fitting for me to be a part of her special deliveries, and we now have a very unique bond.

What services are you most looking forward to at RHG?

The midwives are new to the team at RHG. We have been made to feel incredibly welcome by staff and clients alike and I am looking forward to growing the private maternity service and meeting more parents-to-be and developing my own caseload. Seeing the same clients at each of their own appointments not only promotes safer maternity care and greater patient satisfaction, it also makes me a very happy midwife!