Meet the team - Suzanne Loughlin

In the first of our new ‘Meet the team’ feature, we speak to Senior Nurse Manager Suzanne Loughlin about her role and what she enjoys most about being part of the RHG team:

What are your main day to day responsibilities at RHG?

My day to day responsibilities include running the daily scan and blood clinic, arranging egg collections and embryo transfers and providing information and support to our patients throughout their fertility journeys, including assisting them in the consenting process. I also support and refer patients to our counselling and maternity services and support Professor Nardo with the clinical procedures that we offer to both fertility and gynaecology patients.

What aspect of your role is the most rewarding?

It is a pleasure to meet new people every day, and to follow their journey.

We get to know our patients very well here at RHG. We aim to give them all confidence and provide a caring environment.

What has been your proudest moment at RHG?

I always get a great sense of achievement when we get positive pregnancy tests especially from embryo transfers which I have performed.

It is a wonderful feeling when patients come to visit us with their babies and at our annual anniversary parties at RHG.