More About RHG and Where We Operate

Here at Reproductive Health Group (RHG), we believe that everyone should have easy access to high-quality care services to make their fertility journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Whether you are just starting off researching reproductive health clinics or have already decided that RHG’s centres are perfect for you, this post will help you.  You can use it to find out which of our providers, offering the service you need, is closest to you.

To avoid confusion, and allow you to begin planning each step of your fertility journey, read our helpful guide to our fertility service providers:

Centre for Reproductive Health

We are proud to boast that The Centre for Reproductive Health in Daresbury, is the UK’s first integrated fertility hospital.

The Warrington health centre is home to two operating theatres, which can be used for day case surgery and are equipped with general anaesthesia and sedation, should it be needed.

As well as this, our Daresbury location is home to a state-of the-art lab suite as well as six consultation rooms which will cut down on any time spent waiting around.

Patients can receive multiple life-changing treatments here under one roof, such as IVF, ICSI and IMSI. This makes the clinic a great asset for any individual, regardless of the path they are taking to pregnancy.

We also offer private maternity care, designed to help you enjoy a stress-free pregnancy, as well as gynaecological services and surgery.

Spire Manchester Hospital

If you have been looking for a Manchester fertility clinic, our services at Spire Hospital offer both fertility and gynaecology services.

The hospital is located only 20 minutes from the city’s main railway stations, making it easily accessible for locals and commuters.

Our experienced team at the Spire can carry out reproductive and tubal surgery, as well as offer expert advice to any individuals who are considering this treatment.

The Alexandra Hospital

Based in Cheadle, Cheshire, BMI The Alexandra Hospital has specialist consultants on hand to discuss any worries you may have about IVF treatment.

Fertility assessments are also available on site, if you need a little help getting to the root of your problem.

As well as this, we can give you the assistance needed to reach the next stage of IVF treatment from this Cheshire fertility centre, helping to keep your fertility journey moving.

Harley Street

Like the Spire Manchester Hospital, 9 Harley Street offers a range of different services from its London-based location, and has extremely luxurious facilities.

Harley Street offers gynaecology services, as well as fertility and reproductive immunology consultations. This is incredibly useful for those who have suffered multiple miscarriages and are seeking the cause of the problem.

Immunology consultations can also help those who are struggling with implantation at IVF clinics in London.

Hopefully this post has given you an idea of which of our incredibly supportive services and locations is right for you. However, if you need more information, or are ready to book an initial consultation, feel free to get in touch today as we are more than happy to talk you through the process.