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Fertility treatment is a truly emotional journey. Counselling can help you to adjust to the short and long-term impact of fertility treatment. Learn more about our fertility counselling partners below.

Jamie Forster

Jamie Forster

Akeso Counselling

How did you begin working with fertility patients?

I was initially curious about the emotional impact of infertility treatment after supporting a close friend through her fertility treatments, witnessing first hand how valuable emotional support is during the process.  Unfortunately, it was later, after experiencing my own pregnancy losses that I truly understood how painful the path to parenthood can feel.

However, my passion for supporting families professionally came with private practice, when infertility issues were continuously brought into the sessions. It made me realise how much stigma is still attached to this process and I immediately wanted to know more.

What does your job involve?

I offer individuals or couples implications, support, or therapeutic counselling, and facilitate group support sessions. I endeavour to offer an empathic, non-judgemental and safe space to explore the situation as a whole which helps alleviate the emotional strain associated with treatment.

Support counselling is used to explore coping strategies and the practical issues involved with fertility treatment at various stages throughout the process.

Therapeutic counselling is used to work through the profound issues surrounding the clients personal situation, disappointments, or the potentiality of treatment not working and needing to explore other alternatives.

Implications counselling is a safe place to explore the long-term implications of treatment for the patient and their family, specifically around the significance of using donated eggs or sperm.

    What aspect of your job is the most rewarding?

    I love what I do so much it rarely feels like work!  It is such a privilege to be trusted in this way and there is nothing more rewarding than watching someone grow from pain to power!

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