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We work with expert advisors who provide compassionate legal support to assist you in making the right decisions on your route to parenthood. Learn more about our fertility law partners below.

Nichola Bright

Nichola Bright

Senior Solicitor, Myerson Solicitors LLP

How did you begin working with fertility patients?

I am a fertility and surrogacy law specialist and first became involved with RHG in 2015, providing the clinic and its patients with legal advice and assistance where necessary.

What does your job involve?

The law surrounding assisted reproduction and surrogacy is complex and distinct from traditional family law principals. I regularly advise couples on:

  • Family planning and acquiring parental rights after fertility treatment
  • Donor conception and donor anonymity
  • Surrogacy advice for surrogates and intended parents
  • Co-parenting arrangements
  • Disputes about children

What aspect of your job is the most rewarding?

Deciding to start a family is one of the most exciting decisions in life. I understand that every family is different and helping each family with their chosen route to parenthood is the most rewarding part of my job. Fertility and surrogacy law is ever changing and I really enjoy being at the cutting edge of modern family law.

Contact Details

Tel: 0161 941 4000
Email: Nichola.bright@myerson.co.uk
Web: www.myerson.co.uk

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