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Hypnosis can help to address the mental, emotional and physical factors which may be affecting your fertility, whilst also helping you to prepare for IVF or other fertility treatments.

Heather Coppard

Heather Coppard

Female Health Hypnotherapy

How did you begin working with fertility patients?

My interest in female health started early in my 20-year career as a Nurse and Health Visitor. In 2014 I trained as a Hypnotherapist and decided to specialise in female health issues, following my own recovery from chronic pelvic pain.

I subsequently graduated as an accredited ‘Fertile Body Method practitioner’, KG Hypnobirthing instructor and registered specialist in chronic pain management and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

What does your job involve?

The Fertile body Method (FBM) enables me to support women throughout their fertility journey using a combination of hypnosis and other mind-body approaches. This holistic program helps to identify the mental, emotional and physical factors which affect fertility and reduce the negative impacts of infertility

As a registered specialist Hypnotherapist in pain management, I treat women with a variety of gynaecological conditions including chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, lichen sclerosis and menopause. I am passionate about raising awareness and improving care for women’s health and have presented on Radio 5 Live. I also chair a dedicated female pain support group at a local NHS Hospital.

I love providing tailored 1:1 hypnobirthing courses designed to meet each woman’s individual needs. Hypnobirthing can be hugely effective and empowering for all types of deliveries. The beneficial techniques can also help women reduce any anxiety and increase feelings of calm throughout pregnancy.

    What aspect of your job is the most rewarding?

    Supporting women through challenging issues is incredibly rewarding.  Receiving lovely feedback from my patients and most importantly seeing them positively move forwards with effective coping strategies is fantastic.

    Contact Details

    Tel: 07855525283 or 0161 440 0298
    Web: www.femalehealthhypnotherapy.co.uk
    Email: heather@femalehealthhypnotherapy.co.uk

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